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April 9, 2009  12:03 PM

New Entry-Level Server Platform – Server 2008 Foundation

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Microsoft just released a new revision of Server 2008 called Windows Server 2008 Foundation, designed and priced for small businesses with 15 or fewer employees. To see how it differs from other variants of Server 2008 check out the “Overview of Editions“. I for one am glad that they finally decided to rename the product from Small Business Edition, ill have to do a test run of this OS for sure. I’ll most likely have a follow up post to let everyone know how it looks and feels.


April 8, 2009  12:45 AM

Windows XP and VMware ESX Server

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Okay I have seen this a lot, and I have also solved this myself, but I’m going to be honest with you when installing Windows XP Pro on an ESX Server and using the LSI Drivers, you will have issues. There is a driver on LSI’s website that you can use, but I don’t have that information for you at the moment, I do however have another solution, using the BusLogic controller, you can utilize a flp image file that is already located on the datastore. Alot of websites say, use an LSI Logic controller and the floppy image and you will be fine, well thats wrong. This is in fact a virtual floppy for the BusLogic controller.

So basically, start the setup of Windows XP Pro whichever way you want, hit F6 and when it asks for the floppy, mount the flp file from the data store, connect it, then hit “S” to proceed. The BusLogic driver should load and you will then be able to proceed with the installation.

Also on a side note… if you decide to VMconvert Windows XP Pro you will not have any luck, I haven’t had a chance to experiment too much, but I think if you select BusLogic(on the VM Properties) on before conversion you might be Ok. If anyone can answer this for me that would be great. Last time I VMConverted a Windows XP box I was greeted with a lovely BSOD!

Here is a good reference link to check out if your having issues.


April 8, 2009  12:20 AM

EPIC Technology Day!

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

EPIC Tech day is coming up. Its an all day conference showcasing many companies from many different technical areas, like HP, Cisco, Watchguard, and of course VMware! Best of all its free, so if you find yourself in the area drop by and ask for me, just mention my blog and I’ll take care of you.

Please check the posted schedule regularly for updates, additions and other changes.

Victoria Inn
1808 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Date: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time: 7:30:00 AM – 6:00:00 PM

Register for EPIC Technology Day – Winnipeg April 2009

Click here to view the current schedule.

April 7, 2009  2:49 AM

Windows 7 will allow Downgrades

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well you knew they weren’t going to take the right to downgrade from us. Microsoft would rather people embrace Windows 7. I think a lot of people are going to choose Windows 7 as their main operating system. Why did Microsoft make Windows XP Pro so good? 🙂 Microsoft hasn’t mentioned how exactly they will handle downgrade rights, but I’m guessing they will follow with their existing model at the least. For a more detailed report check this story out.

April 7, 2009  2:27 AM

VMware Workstation 6.5.2 for Windows and Linux

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Hey all, a new version of VMware Workstation has been released last Tuesday, yeah I know I’m a little late with the news, but hey better late then never. If you know you want to upgrade your installation right away hen click here to get it. Both versions are at the exact same revision(156735). Some of the new things included in this revision are support for Windows Vista SP1 and SP2, Asianux Server 3.0 SP1, openSUSE 11.1, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, and 8.10. Some operating systems are included in the experimental support phase. VMware Workstation also supports the Nehalem Processors from this release. Full details here and I have provided some quick links to Known Issues and Resolved Issues.


April 2, 2009  1:00 AM

Wifi on US Airlines

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

When I read this I was pretty excited, can you imagine being on an 8 hour flight and being able to stream radio over ShoutCast? Watch YouTube Videos? Stream your favorite TV Shows via Hulu? Well soon you won’t have to… read the insert below from

“Now, however, it looks as though our days of being sealed into airborne vaults—disconnected, inaccessible and unaccountable—really are numbered. As carriers pour many more millions into in-flight entertainment systems, as was clear recently at Toronto’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference, U.S. airlines are embracing new air-to-ground and satellite systems to offer wi-fi service on commercial flights as early as next spring. So far this year, the FAA has already received 42 applications to install the systems on new aircraft, as many as during all of last year.”

This is great news for Americans, or Canadians on connecting flights through the USA. No Canadian Airlines, that I know of, have put in requests for this technology. The cost is about 10$ per flight, or for frequent flyers, and I mean frequent, you can also buy day passes.

Check out the full story, its a great read.

March 31, 2009  1:47 AM

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 – New Option Available

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Dell isn’t shipping the Inspiron Mini 10 yet, but they say it will be shipping on the 15th of April. For a paltry 35$ USD you can update the display to 1366×768. This is currently the highest resolution offered on any netbook seen to date. This isn’t offered on, I guess us Canadians will have to wait. Either way, I would wait for the next generation of Netbooks, as these still aren’t using the N280 1.66Ghz processor. As more of these products get released, the more prices will drop on the older models. Patience is always a virtue, when dealing with technology at least. 🙂


March 31, 2009  1:29 AM

Western Digital bought SiliconSystems

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

SiliconSystems will become a business unit of Western Digital manufacturing drives along side the caviar line. Western DIgital bought SiliconSystems for 65 million dollars. An insert below describes why the company was a good buy for Western Digital.

“SiliconSystems has developed LifeEST and SiSMART to measure and calculate how long an SSD will last. LifeEST is the industry’s first endurance calculation methodology that’s independent of how an SSD is used. SiSMART is patented technology that actively monitors SSD performance and measures usage in real time. They work together to determine an SSD’s useable life.”

This purchase instantly put Western Digital into the SSD Race, and possibly ahead.

Read the full story here.


March 31, 2009  1:08 AM

Windows 7 and Netbooks

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Seems that Microsoft wants to gear “Windows 7 Starter Edition” for the netbook.

Here is an inserpt from a Engaget

Microsoft also says that’s it’s going out of its way to make Windows 7 as accommodating for netbook manufacturers as possible, adding that it has cleaned up the system tray and “made some other concessions for the OEMs to help with branding.”

They want to replace all the Linux based netbooks with “Windows 7 Starter Edition”, they also said that we should be seeing some 200$ netbooks by the holidays! I say bring it on.


March 26, 2009  1:53 AM

‘Psybot’ worm infects home routers.

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Linksys and Netgear routers are the most highly infected, first being spotted infecting Netcomm NB5 modem/routers in Austrailia.

The most recent “worm” “version 18” targets a wide variety of devices, and contains the shellcode of over 25 different Linksys models and 10 Netgear models, including 15 other various cable and DSL modems.

Things you’ll notice in your router config is that ports 22, 23, and 80 will be blocked. If you do notice this, hard reset the router and reset the admin password. Since its mostley brute force that is used, make the password case sensitive and include numbers and symbols if you like.

Get the full story here

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