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April 7, 2010  3:02 AM

Adobe Flash 10.1

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Adobe Flash 10.1 is hardware accelerated! Check out the details here. What they say we will see is significant resource reduction while viewing H.264 video and playing flash based games, although Adobe complains that the new version will drain your battery less. This is good news for people using netbooks, as some flash games and or movies can run a bit sluggish. There is also news that smartphone support will be included in Flash 10.1.

H.264 provides excellent video quality but requires a great deal of processing power to decode it. H.264 video is decoded in Flash Player 10.1 by a GPU or media accelerator whenever capable hardware is available, which greatly improves playback performance and battery life. This is particularly useful for resource-constrained mobile devices, such as netbooks and smartphones.

Download the Public Beta here.

April 1, 2010  4:37 PM

ImageResizer for Windows 7

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Resizing image has always been a problem in Windows OS, it lacks the support to resize image quickly. Fortunately the popular tool ImageResizer in Windows XP now has support in Windows 7 and Vista, it has native 64 bit support for 64 bit 7 and Vista.

Like it sounds, this tool lets you quickly resize a selection of multiple images at once. It’s was typically used in the past to compress photos to more manageable sizes for sharing via email (although that’s not necessary anymore since Windows Live Mail does this for you). Now, it’s more likely to be used to compress photos down for use on your web page or blog.

Simply download the installer and you will have the option to resize any image when you right click the image. You can also select multiple images and resize.

Download ImageResizer for Windows 7/Vista 32 bit

Download ImageResizer for Windows 7/Vista 64 bit

April 1, 2010  4:34 PM

Exchange 2010 Large Mailboxes

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon
Exchange 2010 has now been out in the wild for a while. I like how no one has to worry about that 75gb limit anymore(was gone in Exchange 2007) With the new limit, comes the ability to store many large mailboxes…
Giving your users the ability to store more e-mail has many advantages. Large mailboxes keep e-mail on the Exchange Server instead of allowing it to be scattered in Outlook Data Files (.PST files). That helps reduce the risk of data loss, improve regulatory compliance, and increase productivity among both workers and IT staff. The main barrier to implementing large mailboxes is the perceived cost and complexity of storing large amounts of e-mail data. Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 is specifically designed to overcome these barriers. This paper discusses how Exchange 2010 enables you to give users large mailboxes without breaking your budget.
To read the whitepaper, go here.

March 31, 2010  12:55 AM

Veeam SureBackup

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Veeam SureBackup is just around the corner, if you’ve been impressed with Veeam so far, you wont be surprised of what they came up with next. I have yet to test Veeam SureBackup, but since 90% of my clients use Veeam already I’ll definitely be upgrading to this as soon as possible.

SureBackup introduces a new patent-pending technology that allows IT professionals to
run a virtual machine directly from a compressed backup file.

By publishing the content of backup files directly to ESX hosts, you can:

Eliminate the need to extract backup files
Test and verify EVERY backup in a matter of minutes, without affecting backup windows
Perform recoverability testing without additional hardware or staff
The same technology also allows for item-level restore for any virtualized application, on
any OS (patent-pending).

How it works

Using new patent-pending technology, Veeam publishes the contents of the backup file as a datastore that an ESX host can connect to. During recovery verification, we automatically create VMs in an isolated environment and run them directly from the backup. We start each VM, boot the OS, and confirm that everything is running normally. You can even verify that applications are functioning properly and data is intact.

If you want to be one of the first to try out Veeam SureBackup go here and register. You can also find more documentation and a video.

March 25, 2010  12:58 AM

New StarWind High Availability iSCSI SAN Software Free for Any VMware vExpert, VCP or VCI

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Straight from, mind you this is a little late, but I am sure not many people were aware, is if you are a VCP or MCP(apparently), and email, you can get a key to activate the software. I have included an insert from the website below.

With StarWind, VMware certified professionals will get a scalable storage platform for VMware vSphere environments with advanced features at absolutely no cost. By creating networked storage with StarWind SAN software, VMware administrators get a scalable, highly cost-effective and easy-to-use iSCSI SAN that fully protects their VMware virtual machines in the event of failure. StarWind’s true active-active high availability storage architecture provides continuous and non-disruptive access to storage in the event of failure by synchronously mirroring data between two active storage appliances, or nodes, in real time with automatic failover and failback. If a disk, power or even an entire storage node fails, the redundant storage node will take over and will continue actively operating without any disruption, ensuring that storage is available and accessible on the network.

Go here to download the application, submit an email to the above email address and you will be good to go!


March 25, 2010  12:49 AM

Rogers makes free data tethering permanent

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Who needs a Wi-Fi cafe anymore, as long as you are a customer of Rogers and have a 1GB Data plan, you get unlimited data tethering!

Rogers today revealed that its free data tethering promo is becoming a permanent fixture of its plans. The move gives anyone with a Canadian 1GB or larger data plan the option of using an iPhone or other tethering-capable smartphone as a 3G Internet connection for a computer without having to incur a separate charge. Any data used for tethering is simply taken out of the existing monthly transfer allowance, Rogers said.

This is great news for technicians out in the feild who would need access to corporate information, as long as you  have a signal you have internet access, mind you a 3G device would fair much better than an EDGE device. If you are using a blackberry device and do not see the option to teather, just upgrade you Blackberry Desktop Manager.



March 23, 2010  12:06 AM

VMware Brings Enterprise-Class Virtualization to SMBs at Half the Price

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

VMware announced that as of March 18th vSphere Essentials can be acquired for less than $500 USD. Finally VMware is looking more seriously at the SMB space, not just enterprise, this will allow many more companies to take advantage of this great technology.

“VMware vSphere allows SMBs to do more with less,” said Timothy Stephan, senior director, product marketing, VMware. “We’ve helped thousands of SMB customers more effectively utilize their storage, network and computing resources to control costs and respond more quickly to business demand.  With this promotion, we are happy to make the benefits of virtualization more affordable for offices of all sizes.”

Customers can purchase vSphere Essentials for the promotional price online or with a VMware partner at Prices are in effect through June 15th, 2010.


March 21, 2010  7:46 PM

Internet Explorer 9

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Microsoft’s new iteration of browser is on the horizon, while the beta embraces HTML 5, it has marginal speed gains(up to 9 times) while rendering pages.

In the very first report of browsers’ scalability compared to IE7 in Vista SP2, the IE9 tech preview in Windows 7 scored a 6.57 compared to IE8’s score of 1.13. That means, we believe IE9’s new “Chakra” interpreter offers 581.4 percent greater efficiency than IE8 at speeding up when workloads increase.

While not just anyone can have access to the test build, Microsoft is seeking to engage web developers to test out the core functionality. Microsoft plans to release a new build every 8 weeks.

Ill try to keep everyone in the loop as development progresses.


March 18, 2010  3:05 PM

Configure an Alarm in vCenter Server to alert you if a Virtual Machine is running on a snapshot.

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Ever check on your VMs and they have been running on a snapshot for the last couple months? Committing a couple months worth of snapshots can take 1 to many hours depending on the hardware and disks present, well VMware has posted a video on how to create an alarm to alert you when virtual machines are running on snapshots.  Enjoy.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]


March 17, 2010  2:43 AM

Top 5 Certifications by Salary

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Would you like to fast track your way into a job interview? While Certifications alone won’t get you the job, it can definitely open doors, and get you an interview. Once you pass the interview you could be starting your dream job with that dream salary.

Here are the top 5 certifications based on average salary.

  1. $99,928 – CISSP (Cert. Info. Sys. Security Professional)
  2. $93,953 – CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)
  3. $91,271 – VMware Certified Professional
  4. $89,864 – CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)
  5. $86,454 – MCSE (MS Certified Systems Engineer)

If you would like to see the full list of 20 certifications based on salary, check out the PDF over at ZDNET, if you do not have an account, sign up, the you can view the PDF. Here is a quick insert from the parent website.

Overview: In conjunction with Global Knowledge, TechRepublic presents this year’s IT skills and salary report. Find out about IT employment trends, areas of growth and decline, skills that are in demand, highest-paying job roles, highest-paying certifications, and salary ranges broken down by region, job title, and industry.

Enjoy and start studying! 🙂


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