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January 14, 2011  2:19 PM

ILO / NTP / Timezones

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

If you would like to know how to enable NTP settings on ILO, don’t ask, as it cannot be done. Others have asked if ILO can run in a different timezone. Based on many reports, ILO syncs with the host clock, or BIOS. Because of this ILO cannot show time as if its in another time zone.

If you are running ESX on your server, then you would have to adjust time in the BIOS.

If you are running a windows hosts, I believe you can adjust time via HP Insight.

Best to just set the time properly the first time! If time is off by minutes/hours it could also be the RTC battery. Replace that, fix the time, and monitor to see if its fixed. If not then it would be mainboard.

FYI: ILO 2.05 is out, if you’re lagging behind, please say your at ILO 1.82 at least. if not upgrade asap. Many issues are corrected in the latter releases.

Good Luck and Happy Friday!


January 13, 2011  1:40 AM

Lost HTTP Access to MSA 2012i

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well, the scenario is that I lost the ability to manage the storage controllers via a web browser. I could ping each controller fine, and I could also telnet into them, which is great, because with telnet you can fix this issue.

Go to Command Prompt.

Type telnet 192.168.x.x (whatever the IP is of the controller)

Enter the username and password. MSA default username and password is manage and !manage

Once you have successfully authenticated with the storage controller you can restart that controller, wait about 30 seconds before restarting the second controller, or you will loose ALL communication to the MSA, temporarily of course, although this will be enough time for iSCSI targets to most likely dismount.

Anyways, the process of restarting the controller is documented below.

Login: manage
Password: *******

HP StorageWorks MSA2012i
System Name: Uninitialized Name
System Location: Uninitialized Location
Version: W421R07

# restart mc b
During the restart process you will briefly lose communication with the specifie
d Management Controller(s).
Continue? y
Info: Restarting Local MC B…

Success: Command completed successfully

Once both controllers have been restarted I can pretty much guarantee that you will be able to manage the MSA once again via browser.

Your Welcome 🙂


January 6, 2011  2:33 AM

Asus’ New BIOS and Sandy Bridge Chipset

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Wow… i was shocked, after 18 years, the white box Bios has changed! You have to check out this video. That’s it… I will have one before summer… the below video is based on the P8P67Pro Board. They also go on to show the Maximus IV Extreme Board. The boards feature an Easy Mode, which includes overclocking, underclocking, and boot order selections. You want Advanced mode? No problem, exit easy mode and the option will be presented to you to enter Advanced Mode.

Update : I forgot to mention that these boards are based on the new P67 “Sandy Bridge” Chipset! These boards are going to be release very soon… for you overclockers, like me, you can push the 3.4Ghz Processors to 4+Ghz on stock air… Stay tuned for a personal review!

If you get one before me let me know how it is!


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January 3, 2011  1:27 AM

iPhone 4 detachable Keyboard?

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

If you haven’t heard, they made a detachable keyboard called the Nuu Mini Key, I sure wouldn’t want to walk around with it attached, but if you have to bang out a big email while on the go this might be the device for you!

Check out some pics here.

So far, its bulky, keys seem a little difficult to press, and its connected via Bluetooth. There are some glaring concerns here, but if you miss the tactile feedback of a slide-out keyboard this product could be for you.

It is expected that they are going to make some changes before actually releasing to the masses.

There are other types of these devices, one of them being the Keyboard Buddy check out the review, this one looks a little better than the Nuu Mini Key, but then again, it isn’t up to me to pick for you 🙂


January 3, 2011  1:08 AM

VMware Workstation 7.1.3

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

VMware Workstation v7.1.3 is a maintenance release that resolves some known issues. Its isn’t a major release so unless you are having issues with the application, there isn’t a need to upgrade yet.

When launching previous versions of VMware Workstation you will get a notice stating that this update is available. You can read all about v7.1.3 if you follow this link, the link covers, “What’s New”, Prior Releases”, “Known Issues”, and “Resolved Issues”.


December 30, 2010  9:23 PM

Personal Phone / Work Phone

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Huh? You ask?

Well what I am talking about is the fact that LG and VMware are working together to get smartphones in the hands of all employees. This way the employee can have their work phone seperate via a virtual layer from there personal phone, they get some smartphone virus on their personal phone, it will be unable to traverse through the virtual layer to the work phone, protecting corporate information etc.

You might think that being able to virtualize a second operating system on your phone doesn’t have much consumer relevance, but VMware’s got a point: with smartphones becoming more of an end-user phenomenon than ever before, it’s getting tougher for IT departments to sell employees on giving up their personal phones in favor of a secure, managed, corporate-provided alternative. With the virtualized setup, the work phone lives as an app within the personal phone — two phone numbers, two complete environments, and only the work environment can be controlled by the IT nerds. Long term, the concept would be that employees could use whatever phone their little hearts desire — companies would merely need to dump their VMware setup on top and you’ve suddenly got your work phone integrated. Follow the break for the press release and a video demo of VMware’s virtualization software (on a Nexus One, not an LG) in action.

Check out the Video that Engadget posted. Or go read the whole article here!

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December 30, 2010  2:08 AM

80Gb in your wallet?

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well, not really… but Intel has designed a SSD HDD that is ridiculously small… they call it the Intel 310 mSATA.

Some highlights are as follows.

* New Intel SSD 310 Series delivers Intel X25-class performance, but in 1/8th the size.
* Ultra-compact SSD enables the accelerated performance of an SSD with higher-capacity HDDs for dual-drive notebooks.
* Intel SSD 310 is ideal for tablets, rugged, low-power military or industrial embedded apps, and was selected by DRS Technologies for its upcoming ARMOR™ tablet PC.

The full article is over at Engadget. Check it out.

December 30, 2010  1:46 AM

What theÉÉÉÉ….err????

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

How many times do i run into this where I hit the ” ? ” and I get an ” É ”  its so annoying, annoying enough for me to blog about it… basically your keyboard has shifted into Unicode. To get it out of that mode, just hit(not literally, I know your upset right now) and hold shift, then press control, you should now be able to use your question mark again. What is that darn character mean anyways you ask? Check out the Wikipedia article and enlighten yourself. There now that we took care of that, you can finish typing whatever it was you were typing and move on with your life 🙂


December 28, 2010  12:07 AM

1000 Core Chip…”Feasible”

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon


That’s what I said… 1000 cores, can you imagine? I mean right now the best a consumer can get their hands on is an Octa Core Xeon MP X 7550, retailing for 2,873$. Intel has already designed the 48 Core SCC Processor and says it can theoretically be scalable to 1000 Cores! What would they even call that? OctaFloppenOneThousand? Sorry I had to throw something silly in there, because to think that we are going to have a 1000 Core Processor in the next ten years is “silly” But Possible!

I look forward to blogging about it!

Want more information on the 48 Core Processor? Check it out here.

December 27, 2010  11:57 PM

Android and the New Year.

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Seems like the Android has finally taken off, with only a few phones at the beginning of the year, now the end of 2010 and we have dozens. Samsung has release one of the better phones, although expensive, the Galaxy S.

Android phones are for the guys that refuse to conform to Apple, Blackberry, or Microsoft. It give people a very open platform to design and play on.

I personally would love one, but i am waiting to make sure they release a phone that can last more than a day before switching from my iPhone 4(which is only a couple months old, I tend to change phones every quarter!)

Anyways, you all should check out the full story of the success of the Android Phone here at CNET.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and hope all have a Happy New Year!

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