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February, 2010

February 27, 2010  4:46 PM

Palm Pre, just not enough.

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

I had high hopes for the Palm Pre, even though I knew I wasn't going to get one, I still liked the design, the interface, and the web os... but stock have fallen and the demand for the Palm Pre is just not there.

The Pre, boasting a new operating system called Web OS, was released to...

February 27, 2010  4:36 PM

iPad Competition? Gigabyte might have the answer.

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Hey everyone! I was just browsing around the net earlier and came upon this news story... could this be Microsoft's answer to the iPad, a Netvertible? Gigabyte will soon release the Gigabyte T1000, while it might not net as smooth an interface as the iPad, i think upgradingto 2GB+ of ram, would...

February 26, 2010  3:18 AM

Microsoft Security Essentials

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well Microsoft finally released a free Antivirus and Malware application, and I must say, its clean, not overly processor intensive, and gets the job done. I personally endorse it, as I have been using it for some time and am very pleased.

Microsoft Security Essentials provides...

February 25, 2010  1:33 AM

BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Bold 2)

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Okay all you business people out there... I have been using my BlackBerry Curve 8900 for quite some time, I am very happy with it, everything about it is great minus a few aesthetics here and there. But what more could a young tech savvy guy like me want? You got it MORE POWER! :) With that I would...

February 25, 2010  12:53 AM

Kindle now on BlackBerry devices.

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Wanna catch up on that book your reading at home? Sitting at the mechanics waiting for you car, and the magazines there remind your of National Geographics of old? Well now there is a solution... with Amazon's Kindle app, still in beta, you can browse 420,000+ books from the online...

February 23, 2010  3:07 AM

Why RAID 6 stops working in 2019

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

To think that technology has come so far in the last 10 years, and now RAID arrays are becoming a risk! This is information everyone should read...

The problem with RAID 5 is that disk drives have read errors. SATA drives are commonly specified with an unrecoverable read error rate...

February 21, 2010  9:04 PM

Windows 7 RC1 Expiring

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Well I don't have to remind everyone that your evaluation copy of Windows 7 will be expiring soon. As of March 1st 2010, you PC will begin to shutdown every 2 hours. On June 1st 2010, Windows 7 will stop working altogether. So to alleviate yourself from the stresses of a PC that just doesn't want...

February 19, 2010  4:16 AM

QNAP NAS Devices

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

My co-worker Raj and I were going over a solution that we could present to SMB clients, and we were looking for a product that could be utilized pretty much anywhere, well i think we found such a device! QNAP a little known vendor produces some of the coolest NAS devices out there... they range...

February 19, 2010  3:59 AM

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Okay, maybe its me, but I think BlackBerry knows that Windows 7 Mobile is coming and with Windows 7 Mobile, you do not need anything in between Exchange and a Windows Mobile device. So what does BlackBerry do? They release BES Express! BES Express can be installed right on your exchange server...

February 14, 2010  8:53 PM

Windows Mobile 7

Nathan Simon Nathan Simon Profile: Nathan Simon

Can Windows Mobile 7 breath new life into Microsoft smart-phones? My guess is if they put as much effort into making Windows Mobile 7 as they did with Windows 7 then we may have a worthy successor. If the mobile OS gets good ratings, it may bring Microsoft back into the...

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