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Digital transformation

August 23, 2015  11:15 AM

Going Digital

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian
digital, digital business design, Digital disruption, Digital strategy, Digital transformation

Digitization is a subject which is current and hence everyone likes to dabble in it, itching to get on to the bandwagon. They know if they don’t embrace this new approach others would do so and run away with the booty. Therefore we find companies rushing in to go digital and pull all stops to...

March 14, 2015  10:42 AM

Digitizing the Enterprise

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian
Digital engagement, Digital initiatives, Digital transformation, Digitization

In my last post I talked about Digital Enterprises and why companies must adopt this new approach to remain competitive in today’s world. Let me now talk about methods that organizations can adopt to digitize their operations and do it in a manner that benefits the enterprise. It is not a...

February 5, 2015  12:34 PM

The Digital Enterprise

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian
Digital business, Digital disruption, Digital initiatives, Digital transformation

Much has been written about Digital Enterprises of late and enough buzz has been generated on digitization, which seems to have taken the industry by storm. As happens with most new technologies and new practices, digitization too has gone through the hype cycle generating noise and creating...

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