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Nov 7 2011   6:28AM GMT

Acknowledging the role of the users and the management

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

We always like to complain about the lack of support from the management or non-cooperation of the end users. We say we would have gone miles, had they been kind enough to us and had helped us for the cause. The lament is justified to some extent and I agree that we, as sincere professionals, need that kind of patronage.

All projects, however, do not go wrong and neither are all situations so bad. The very reason for our great going is that we all have several successful projects to our credit and we are confident of achieving many more goals. We talk of our success stories in various forums and willingly oblige magazines when they want to publish our case studies. It is easy to corner all the credit to ourselves and claim that we succeeded in spite of several roadblocks, but will we be honest in saying that no one helped us in the entire show? In case we have not adequately recognized and acknowledged the contributions made by various wings of the organization, it can be regarded as our weakness The management does its bit to approve and sanction funds for our projects; and unless the end users make use of the systems we develop, how can we ever hope to meet the objectives? We, therefore, are never alone and we have to recognize the contribution of others in our endeavors.

It will only be fair on our part to acknowledge the support that we receive from various quarters. This way, on one hand, we can complete the loop and, on the other, encourage them to lend their support for all our future projects. It is normal for people to resist change in the initial stages but we have learnt to get over this part through our experiences. If users willingly accept the technological changes on their own, it will be proper on our part to give them the credit for doing so.

There are various ways in which we can acknowledge their support, let me write down a few:


Once we get approval for our budget or project, we can write a note to the Board/ CEO/ others, thanking them for the approval and assuring them of our full efforts to make the project(s) successful.

It is a good practice to send periodic reports to the management giving them an update on important projects so that they feel reassured on the projects/ budgets sanctioned by them.

On successful completion of projects, send a ‘thank you’ note to the concerned business/ functional heads.

Let them light a lamp or cut the ribbon whenever we kick-off or launch a project, and ask them to deliver a short address.

If they have done a good job, cite them as examples/ reference to the rest of the organization.

End users

Formally thank them for their role once the project has been successfully completed.

Take them out for a dinner or an event as recognition of their contribution and support.

Involve them during the design of the processes, drawing a road map etc. to give them a feeling of participation.

These are some of the measures that came to my mind and I am sure you would have many more brilliant ideas. The point of emphasis is that we need the support of various stakeholders for the success of our ventures and we should get them on our side through a genuine sense of understanding and appreciation of their views and feelings.

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