Information Technology Management with a Purpose:

September, 2011

September 26, 2011  8:17 AM

Cloud Computing: Unmasking the beast

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

Cloud computing is a current topic and it sure will look bad on me if I stay away from this discussion. This subject is ever present in all seminars/ discussions/ debates and people swear by it. In a discussion on the television the other day, a panelist stated that this...

September 19, 2011  10:10 AM

Playing for big stakes: A five step formula

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

‘Make it large’ screams an advertisement on the television, obviously trying to draw attention of the viewers to sell its products. I am sure, viewers do understand the purpose of the advertisement, but then there is a subtle message that the clip conveys which gets lost in the cacophony of all...

September 12, 2011  5:51 AM

IT Service Management simplified

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

CIOs design and manage complex information systems to help the company get better in terms of their efficiency and effectiveness. With time, as systems expand due to organizational growth and changed environment, they get unwieldy and it becomes difficult to...

September 4, 2011  9:59 AM

How SMBs can use IT advisors to their advantage

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

Large enterprises, as we know, operate on 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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