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May, 2011

May 30, 2011  2:42 AM

Talent retention: Value the aspirations of your employees

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

We have enough experience of dealing with the staff who work with us. The staff always puts in efforts to achieve goals that we define and is one of the reasons behind our success. We know how...

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May 23, 2011  5:41 AM

Fast forward to enterprise mobility

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

For several years we processed our transactions sitting on fixed desktops and then moved on to laptops. Security considerations restricted usage from remote centers and access was given to only a select few. Times, however, have changed. The availability of various mobile devices that allow us to...

May 16, 2011  9:50 AM

Understanding the business value of ERP

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

We have an association of CIOs residing in the NCR region and we meet regularly to discuss matters of common interest. These meetings are in the form of seminars or group discussions, either amongst us or those involving external speakers who are technology or management...

May 9, 2011  7:33 AM

Job hopping

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

There is a joke doing the rounds. When we meet a CIO friend we ask for his business card and when he looks surprised we enquire whether he is still with the same company that he was with when we met him last. This joke is not limited to CIOs alone as we are often surprised when we meet the same...

May 2, 2011  8:15 AM

Seminars: CIOs in captivity

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

I have seen a good number of seminars being held these days in our towns with at least two of them happening every week. These are breakfast meetings, evening sessions or half-day events, usually packed with CIOs/ CXOs who are obliged to visit due to the intense follow-up on the invites sent to by...

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