Information Technology Management with a Purpose:

July, 2010

July 26, 2010  6:03 AM

CIO and his role in improving business processes

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

The CIO is a champion when it comes to procuring and deploying new technology elements in an organization. However, IT as a function does much more than making the tasks run faster; much of the advantage comes from generating information for decision-making, as well as in helping the organization...

July 19, 2010  7:56 AM

The CIO and his role in ERP deployments

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

More often than not, we find that a CIO initiates the idea of getting ERP into an organization for managing enterprise data. So the CIO has to go through the initial barrage of questions relating to the need of...

July 12, 2010  8:07 AM

To outsource or not to outsource?

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

The outsourcing story is gaining ground in India, and is now widely practiced. Many organizations now look at external sources to manage some of these services, and all have their own logic about what they have...

July 5, 2010  7:58 AM

What should a CIO finally aspire for?

S R Balasubramanian Profile: S R Balasubramanian

Today you are the CIO, but what next? Truth be told, this question may not have clear answers. Views vary, and so do the aspiration levels of CIOs. For a person starting at the lower level, getting to a C-level position could be the ultimate destination. Some may hold ambitions of getting to the...

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