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Jan 6 2015   4:57PM GMT

IT Certifications to target in 2015

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The IT Industry moves quickly. To stay current in 2015, you’ll need to align your skills with the most popular existing and emerging technologies. And what better way to prove your skills by attaining the certifications associated with these technologies. Check out this list of IT certifications to target in 2015.

Microsoft Azure Certification

Demand for cloud skilled professionals has reached an all time high. The IDC predicts that this demand has far outstripped supply with an estimated 7 million cloud related jobs being left unfilled by the end of 2015. Put simply anyone who can demonstrate cloud skills is hot property.

Microsoft released two specialist cloud certifications at the end of 2014 for IT pros looking to demonstrate their abilities with Microsoft Azure. They are:

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions  – aimed at Developers, attaining this certification will demonstrate the skills required to taking your existing Web and Windows Store Applications and expanding their functionality by deploying them on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions – attaining this credential shows you have the skills to migrate existing on-premise infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure platform. Demand for professionals attaining this certification is likely to skyrocket in 2015. With Windows Server 2003 End of Service looming, businesses have little option but to migrate to their infrastructure to the likes of Azure or face huge financial consequences.

CEH Certification – Certified Ethical Hacking

Recent high profile hacks of Sony and Google continue to highlight the importance of implementing robust cyber-security practices.  The financial impact of a single data breach can cost upwards of $1 million, not to mention the damage this does to a brands reputation. As a result, much like with cloud, the demand for professionals who can demonstrate cyber-security skills is at an all time high.

The CEH certification from EC Council is hugely popular and is renowned for being the worlds most advanced ethical hacking course. Attaining this certification you will demonstrate you have the skills required to boost any organisations cyber-security stance. You’ll learn how to penetrate networks and computer systems using the same methods and techniques as hackers. By doing so you can identify and patch weaknesses, making your organisation resilient to cyber attacks.

Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP:DS)

In recent years we’ve witnessed an explosion of data, bandwidth and processing power giving rise to a new breed of IT professional known as the Data Scientist. Evolving from a business or data analyst role, a data scientist helps businesses identify and address problems by analyzing data on a huge scale spotting trends and anomalies.

The demand for Data Scientists is growing rapidly with 69% of IT professionals expecting a skills gap  in 2015 according to a recent study by EMC2. Fill that gap by attaining the CCP:DS an demonstrating you have the skills to work with big data at an elite level, whilst designing and developing production-ready data science solutions.

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  • Abhinaw
    What is the eligibility for Certified ethical hacking. How can we apply for the same and what will be the charge for the certification.
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  • Harisheldon
    I believe for the CEH, you will need to be sponsored by a company to obtain that certification.  Like NetApp, I needed to attend their class and then was sponsored by the company before I could take the certification exam.  So you may need to have your company sponsor you for it. 

    Suggestion, contact New Horizons and see what the criteria is to attend and take the exam.  I know that they give a class for it, so, they may have a good handle on what is needed.
    12,915 pointsBadges:
  • JuliaMatthews
    Today, this world recognized as IT. Every business, study and connection belongs to IT. So it is essential to get to know about key points of IT and also every one should know about Pros and corns of IT. Attaining these certifications associated with these technologies also improved to prove the skills and abilities of those who are well interested.
    100 pointsBadges:

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