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September 18, 2012  12:57 PM

Guarded optimism around health care social media use

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
Health care applications and vendor organizations, hhs, social media, twitter

Public health officials can observe local health concerns via Twitter thanks to a new, free web-based technology sponsored by the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR). The app, MappyHealth, was the winner among 33 submissions to a developers’ contest. This...

July 19, 2012  11:36 AM

Health care social media can lead to positive ROI

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
Data breach, Facebook, health care data breach, health care social media, HIPAA, twitter

For caregivers seeking to recruit patients to their practice and connect with existing patients, social media is a viable medium because of increased communication. But using social media also increases the likelihood of a

May 31, 2012  1:07 PM

New venture uses social media to share stories of patient harm

CommunityManager Profile: CommunityManager
Facebook, health care social media, patient harm, patient safety organizations

By Greg McInerney, Editorial Assistant

There has been a lot of talk and debate regarding the utility of

May 23, 2012  1:53 PM

HIT social media and HIPAA compliance: Never the twain shall meet?

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
Facebook, health care social media, HIPAA Compliance

In the week following the debut of publicly traded Facebook stock, some water-cooler-discussion-provoking articles have caught our eye. Of course, for the folks on our team who work remotely, instant messenger serves as the virtual water cooler. Same diff. Check them out:

February 1, 2012  2:56 PM

Las Vegas HIMSS 2012 game plan shaping up

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
Ahier, FItbit, HIE, HIMSS, HIMSS 2012, twitter

It's the third time around for SearchHealthIT at the Health Information Management Systems Society annual meeting - HIMSS 2012. Unlike some of our pals in the health IT blogosphere, we can't post our itineraries, because things change up to the last minute as news breaks and plans evolve. But we...

September 27, 2010  8:57 AM

HHS turns to Verizon Business for data network services

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
hhs, Networking, Telemedicine, Verizon, VoIP

With an expanding role that in due time will encompass telemedicine,

September 15, 2010  12:15 AM

Motorola unveils its first health care EDA

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
EDA, PDA, VoIP, VoWLAN, Windows Mobile

Today, Motorola Inc. released the MC-75A0-HC, an enterprise digital assistant, or EDA -- basically, its name for its line of ruggedized personal digital assistants (PDAs). The device comes...

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