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July 14, 2017  5:11 PM

Public health implications of infosec are ‘complex,’ researchers say

Tayla Holman Tayla Holman Profile: Tayla Holman
cybersecurity, Ransomware

In the wake of the recent WannaCry and Petya attacks that have hit healthcare organizations worldwide, a group of Boston researchers is urging the industry to consider the public health implications of cybercrime. The researchers -- two physicians and an information security professional --...

March 31, 2017  12:06 PM

Medical record breaches down in 2016, but internal threats proliferate

Tayla Holman Tayla Holman Profile: Tayla Holman
Data breach, Ransomware

Financial services may have replaced healthcare as the most breached industry in 2016, but that doesn't mean healthcare is in the all-clear. According to a report by IBM Security, the healthcare industry suffered fewer medical record breaches in 2016 compared to the previous year. In 2015

July 13, 2016  11:34 AM

HHS releases guidance on ransomware attacks

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee
hhs, Ransomware

Maybe your healthcare organization has experienced a ransomware attack recently. Well, you certainly are not alone. Ransomware attackers have mounted 4,000 daily attacks against healthcare...

April 4, 2016  6:06 PM

More cybersecurity urged as attacks on healthcare networks continue

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
Cyberattacks, cybersecurity, Ransomware

While the ransomware attacks that recently crippled Washington, D.C.-based MedStar Health system and the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles captured nationwide headlines, those hacker incursions were far from unusual. On average, healthcare organizations are sustaining one

February 17, 2016  3:59 PM

Healthcare held hostage in Hollywood hospital hack

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
cybercriminals, cybersecurity, Pacs, PHI, Ransomware

Carl Wright, general manager and executive vice president of worldwide sales at cybersecurity firm TrapX Security, Inc., has seen and worked to foil a lot of hacks in previous stints as a U.S. military chief information security...

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