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PHI encryption

November 16, 2015  6:16 PM

Lawyer suggests strategies to avoid texting risks with PHI

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
HIPAA, HIPAA business associate, HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA security, PHI, PHI encryption

Healthcare providers and their business associates are fast getting hip to the reality that it’s not OK to text protected health information (PHI). Not only does unsecure...

January 31, 2012  1:04 PM

Physicians, patients share accountability for PHI safety

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
health care data breach, HIPAA, PHI, PHI encryption, social media

The relationship between patients and physicians -- particularly with social media’s growing role -- is a hot topic in today's health care space. Patients want access to their medical records through new channels, such as instant messaging and Facebook, but some physicians aren’t too keen on...

January 30, 2012  12:08 PM

More than 19 million Americans affected by health care data breach

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
data breaches, PHI encryption

More than 19 million Americans have been affected by a health care data breach since September 2009, when tougher HIPAA compliance laws went into effect after the HITECH Act...

January 26, 2012  12:14 PM

Mobile communications drive medical data breach increase

CommunityManager Profile: CommunityManager
data breaches, mHealth, mobile health technologies, patient engagement, PHI encryption

By Greg McInerney, Editorial Assistant A combination of an increase in mobile device usage and the development of doctor-patient interaction via certain social network sites will put a greater emphasis on

November 14, 2011  9:52 AM

Franken wants stricter health care data breach penalties

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
data breaches, HIPAA audits, HIPAA violations, PHI encryption

Two years ago, the HITECH Act toughened health care data breach penalties significantly. It seemed HIPAA finally had enough teeth for the industry to take it seriously. Perhaps not....

August 11, 2011  1:52 PM

Even HIPAA auditors can have a health care data breach

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
health care data breach, HIPAA auditors, HIPAA violations, mobile device management, PHI encryption

Since the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) began publishing information on health care data breaches affecting 500 or more individuals on its website, 300 breaches have been reported. Two of those

June 17, 2011  11:17 AM

Lessons learned from abroad: PHI encryption is essential

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
data breaches, HIPAA Privacy Rule, PHI encryption

If a health care organization can be fined $4.3 million over an incident involving a mere 41 patient records, imagine what the penalty might be for a...

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