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September 22, 2015  1:05 PM

A fraction of mobile health apps control download market

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
Healthcare apps, mHealth, mHealth applications, mobile apps, mobile health, mobile health technologies

New mobile health apps face a challenge in gaining recognition and adoption in the mHealth app market, where a miniscule fraction of the apps have nearly 50% of the market. There are more than 165,000 consumer mobile health apps, according to research from healthcare technology

May 15, 2014  11:00 AM

Home health technology to top $12 billion by 2016

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
mobile health technologies, remote patient monitoring, smartwatches, telehealth

Remotely monitoring patients and allowing more self-management of chronic conditions has been made possible by recent developments in home health technology. The trend is just beginning, if a recent market prediction...

January 26, 2012  12:14 PM

Mobile communications drive medical data breach increase

CommunityManager Profile: CommunityManager
data breaches, mHealth, mobile health technologies, patient engagement, PHI encryption

By Greg McInerney, Editorial Assistant A combination of an increase in mobile device usage and the development of doctor-patient interaction via certain social network sites will put a greater emphasis on

December 12, 2011  12:49 PM

Selling mobile health technology to the masses

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
mHealth Summit, mobile health technologies, patient engagement

Whenever I am introduced to new technology, I place it in the context of my parents, who didn't own a cell phone until I bought them one in 2007 and still use dial-up Internet even though broadband has been available in their Massachusetts town for more than a decade. That's why my enthusiasm...

September 27, 2011  11:32 AM

HHS task force hones in on mobile health technology

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
Mobile devices and telehealth, mobile health, mobile health technologies

A task force for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced suggestions to support health text messaging and mobile health, or mHealth, programs. Giving the public...

August 23, 2011  11:57 AM

Ten tips for improving mobile device security in hospitals

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
HIPAA Privacy Rule, HITECH Act, Meaningful use, mobile health, mobile health technologies, Privacy and security

In order to comply with HIPAA and the HITECH Act, it's imperative to combat mobile device loss, theft and physical damage. Rebecca Herold, an information privacy, security and compliance consultant who runs Rebecca Herold & Associates LLC,...

July 14, 2011  1:54 PM

Mobile sensing technology could help track the health of seniors

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
mobile health, mobile health technologies, mobile sensing

One important goal of community health is to improve the overall quality of life for patients. Everyday behaviors of patients -- such as social interaction and physical activity -- can be indicative of overall health and predictive of future health problems. But collecting such data through...

June 30, 2011  2:33 PM

How mobile health technologies can benefit older adults

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
mHealth, mobile health, mobile health technologies

Mobile health technologies can be particularly beneficial to older adults, though their full potential is only starting to emerge, says the Center for Technology and Aging in its latest report, "mHealth...

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