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ICD-10 implementation

January 11, 2013  11:25 AM

KLAS: Outsourcing coding, transcription helps ICD-10 implementation – to a point

EmilyHuizenga Profile: EmilyHuizenga
CAC, ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation, KLAS, transcription

In a report released earlier this week, research firm KLAS examines the connect – or disconnect – between provider health information management (HIM) departments and third-party billing and coding vendor performance. Ultimately, it concludes HIM departments are gearing up to invest in...

June 5, 2012  11:46 AM

More health IT initiatives spur change management problems

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
Clinical Documentation, Coding and documentation, CPOE, health IT innovation, ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation, patient engagement

Arnold Bennett, a prominent English novelist and journalist, once said: "Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." Bennett could have been talking about anything, really, but relating it to health care is not so farfetched. A May 2012 study by...

April 23, 2012  3:12 PM

How medical diagnostic codes may cloud clinical data analytics

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
AMA, clinical data analytics, ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation, SNOMED CT

The ongoing push for more descriptive medical diagnostic codes -- the alphabet soup that is SNOMED CT, LOINC and, in the United States at least, ICD-10 -- is motivated in part by a desire to improve data analytics for a host of clinical, billing and administrative purposes. However, there can be...

April 12, 2012  9:14 AM

ICD-10 implementation: Can we please just get on with it?

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
AHIMA, AMA, CHIME, ICD-10 implementation, MGMA, WHO

"#wimps." That was the email I sent to my colleagues upon reading that CMS officially put off ICD-10 implementation for a year. Let me explain: Us SearchHealthIT editors frequently...

April 9, 2012  1:09 PM

HHS: ICD-10 delay will be one year

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has

April 3, 2012  10:42 AM

For health care orgs, a one-year ICD-10 implementation delay is “optimum”

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
hhs, HIPAA 5010, ICD-10, ICD-10 conversion, ICD-10 implementation

With the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) delaying the Oct. 1, 2013 deadline for ICD-10 implementation, many health care organizations are...

February 16, 2012  12:45 PM

ICD-10 implementation deadline will be delayed, HHS says

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
AHIMA, AMA, CMS, hhs, ICD-10 implementation

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) will delay the Oct. 1, 2013 deadline for ICD-10 implementation, the department said this morning in a brief statement. This announcement follows an earlier...

January 5, 2012  12:28 PM

Why didn’t ICD-10 implementation bring down Europe’s health system?

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
HIPAA, HIPAA 5010, ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation

We're seeing a lot of pushback against ICD-10 implementation, with the American Medical Association's "vigorous opposition" at the extreme. Gloom and doom types

December 14, 2011  12:44 PM

Meaningful use stage 2 deadlines: Giving way to ICD-10 implementation?

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
CMS, hhs, ICD-10, ICD-10 implementation, Meaningful use, meaningful use stage 2, ONC

The meaningful use stage 2 schedule has given way to the demands of ICD-10, but yes Virgina, there will be no extension for coding upgrade deadlines. Last week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human...

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