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HIPAA violations

September 1, 2015  11:42 AM

Providers’ investments don’t relieve healthcare cybersecurity doubts

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
cybersecurity, data breaches, health data security, HIPAA violations

More than 85% of healthcare providers invested in information security in the previous year, but only about half are prepared to handle a cyberattack, according to the responses of 223 healthcare executives

January 30, 2013  4:08 PM

HIPAA enforcement: Can Google be liable as a business associate?

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
HIPAA, HIPAA business associate, HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA violations

What do attorneys and compliance experts have to do between now – just weeks after the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released the new HIPAA enforcement rule – and...

November 14, 2011  9:52 AM

Franken wants stricter health care data breach penalties

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
data breaches, HIPAA audits, HIPAA violations, PHI encryption

Two years ago, the HITECH Act toughened health care data breach penalties significantly. It seemed HIPAA finally had enough teeth for the industry to take it seriously. Perhaps not....

November 10, 2011  12:46 PM

OCR to begin random audits for HIPAA compliance

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
HIPAA audits, HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA violations, Office for Civil Rights

Until recently, a health care organization's HIPAA compliance was put to the test only when a patient specifically filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  But the

September 9, 2011  11:37 AM

Will your business associates cause a health care data breach?

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
Data breach, HIPAA business associate, HIPAA violations

No health care organization is immune to a data breach. Health care data breach notifications have been on the rise since the Office for Civil Rights...

August 11, 2011  1:52 PM

Even HIPAA auditors can have a health care data breach

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
health care data breach, HIPAA auditors, HIPAA violations, mobile device management, PHI encryption

Since the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) began publishing information on health care data breaches affecting 500 or more individuals on its website, 300 breaches have been reported. Two of those

July 6, 2011  11:28 AM

Social media serves as a powerful tool for patients disclosing illnesses

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
HIPAA, HIPAA violations, HITsm, social media

No matter the trend, social media has a role in some capacity. That’s the case for health IT as patients are increasingly disclosing medical diagnoses online for consolation purposes, according to a

July 30, 2010  12:31 PM

Breach notification final rule withdrawn from OMB review

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
breach notification, HIPAA violations

Health care officials have been waiting months for federal officials to finalize the breach notification final rule. That wait will continue,...

July 28, 2010  9:23 AM

FTC, HHS tag-team on Rite Aid for HIPAA violations

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
FTC, FTC Act, hhs, HIPAA, HIPAA violations, privacy, Rite aid, Security

Rite Aid Corp. agreed to pay $1 million to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for HIPAA violations stemming from it tossing pill bottles containing patient information into unsecured dumpsters outside its...

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