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October 26, 2011  10:23 AM

Innovative New Zealand HIT program offers glimpses of U.S. future

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
EHR, EHR incentives, EMR

Last week at the Partners Connected Health Symposium 2011, I had the privilege of conducting an extended sit-down interview with George Arnold, program manager for Health of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, which helps manage the health care system and its IT infrastructure. His agency released a...

October 25, 2011  10:28 AM

Behavioral health services get a boost from SAMHSA

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
behavioral health, electronic health record, mobile health

While the treatment and coordination of substance use disorders (SUD) are lagging behind mainstream health care, the announcement of 29 new grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a step in the right direction to level the coordination of care playing...

October 17, 2011  10:54 AM

Six more states commence EHR Medicaid programs

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
CMS, EHR, EHR adoption, EHR implementation, Medicaid EHR incentive programs

The first week of October featured six more states that launched their Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) incentive programs. California, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Utah...

October 11, 2011  11:16 AM

Industry giants collaborating to bring health IT, EHRs to underserved areas

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
AHIMA, EHR adoption, EHR implementation, hhs, ONC, rural health care

While stories of successful electronic health record (EHR) implementation can bring a sense of calm to other health organizations trying to accomplish the feat, it represents only a portion of those trying to enhance their health IT infrastructure. Another portion include the underserved and rural...

October 10, 2011  11:30 AM

EHR implementation offers wide margins for error, but it’s worth it

CommunityManager Profile: CommunityManager
EHR adoption, EHR implementation, electronic health record

By Brita Van Fossen, Editorial Assistant Although there are a significant number of clinical practices that are still selecting a suitable electronic health record (EHR) system, there are also many that have finished the grueling process and are now tackling the next hurdle -- EHR implementation...

October 6, 2011  1:10 PM

IBM’s Watson launches career in clinical decision support

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
clinical decision support, electronic health record, IBM Watson

Health care providers face a huge challenge in keeping up with the large volumes of medical literature and research they must read to stay current in their field. Having the help of a supercomputer -- like IBM's...

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October 3, 2011  11:43 AM

Avoiding EHR implementation’s deadly sins

CommunityManager Profile: CommunityManager
EHR adoption, EHR implementation, electronic health record

By Brita Van Fossen, Editorial Assistant As the meaningful use deadline approaches, increasing numbers of clinical practices are adopting EHRs for use in their daily...

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September 22, 2011  11:33 AM

EHR selection succeeds when users have a say

CommunityManager Profile: CommunityManager
EHR implementation, EHR systems, user buy-in

By Brita Van Fossen, Editorial Assistant As the stage 1 meaningful use deadline approaches, the push for

September 21, 2011  11:23 AM

New study links mortality decrease to meaningful use

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
EHR, EMR, Meaningful use

A new study funded by the RAND Corporation and published in Health Affairs hints at what could be a payoff in lives saved for all the billions of dollars the U.S. government is doling out for EHR...

September 20, 2011  11:46 AM

Clinical documentation, EMRs harmonize during patient influx

cbyertechtarget Profile: cbyertechtarget
Clinical Documentation, Electronic Medical Record

Using electronic medical records (EMRs) to host clinical documentation is one way for hospitals to keep track of all their current patients. Keeping track is critically important when

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