Health IT Pulse:

April, 2016

April 28, 2016  11:22 AM

Study: Some mHealth tools have questionable patient privacy

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee
mHealth, Mobile application security, Mobile applications

Mobile apps in healthcare are here to stay. Indeed, the market for mHealth devices and services market is expected to grow to $50 billion by 2020—up from $14.5 billion in 2014—according to a

April 27, 2016  2:32 PM

SAP jumps into precision medicine

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
HANA, personalized medicine, precision medicine, SAP

Precision medicine has a powerful advocate in the person of President Obama. Now a powerful multinational tech giant is also throwing its considerable financial and intellectual resources

April 26, 2016  2:39 PM

Machine learning tools best human accuracy in diagnosing cancer

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
cancer, HIE, Machine learning

Machines are just as capable as humans, if not more so, on almost every level when it comes to diagnosing patients. Open source machine learning tools and algorithms are able to identify cancer cases with an accuracy rate...

April 21, 2016  8:07 AM

Internet of Things healthcare market to reach $136.8 billion worldwide by 2021

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

The use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare are many. Indranil (Neal) Ganguly gave three use cases for

April 19, 2016  10:45 AM

Performance of health IT systems a top concern for patient safety

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
health IT tools, patient safety, purchasing intentions

The use of technology in healthcare is no longer a concern for only the physicians and other staff members responsible for operating the tech. Patients are also preoccupied with the structure of health IT systems and anxious that the negative performance of those systems may interfere with how they...

April 14, 2016  8:24 AM

Merrill Lynch RIC Report: The top three tech companies changing healthcare

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

Three companies that are playing key roles in the transformation of healthcare via technology were spotlighted in a recent Merrill Lynch RIC (Research Investment Committee) Report. Those companies are IBM, Apple, and Fitbit. According to the April report, which contains annual and long-term...

April 13, 2016  5:54 PM

More cybersecurity woes in health IT

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
cybersecurity, health data security

  The seemingly constant volley of cyberattacks on healthcare data networks is being accompanied by a flurry of new surveys and studies confirming that the threat to health data is real and dangerous. The latest report on the cybersecurity pandemic comes from data security company...

April 12, 2016  2:10 PM

CPOE systems not stopping all hazardous medication orders

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
CPOE, transcription

Computerized physician order entry systems might help cut down on medical transcription mistakes, but when it comes to flagging drugs that could be potentially harmful to the patient, the systems often makes mistakes, analysis of a survey found. The analysis was done by Castlight Health on the...

April 6, 2016  4:05 PM

Threat intelligence report: One in five doctors’ mobile device may be at high risk

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee

As important a role as mobile plays in healthcare, it may also pose an equally serious threat, according to a

April 5, 2016  2:10 PM

Incentives don’t push patients to digital health tools, self-motivation does

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
chronic conditions, chronic diseases, Digital Health, wellness

Most people can't be incentivized to use digital health tools by an outside force. The ultimate motivator is a person's concern for their own wellbeing and understanding how digital health tools can help them reach their goals. This was made clear by the results of a HealthMine, Inc. survey in...

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