Health IT Pulse:

February, 2016

February 25, 2016  11:16 AM

HIMSS first-timer: Preparing for the conference

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee
cloud, Data Analytics, HIMSS, iot, Mobile

I have never been to HIMSS—the largest conference in the health IT industry—before, but from what I've heard it's a chaotic, health IT wonderland. At least, that's what my colleague Shaun Sutner, news and features writer for...

February 24, 2016  12:17 PM

ONC on the interoperability march again

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
HIE, HIMSS, Interoperability, ONC

With HIMSS 2016 looming next week, ONC has rolled out yet another project in the federal health IT agency's campaign to promote what has probably been up to now

February 23, 2016  4:04 PM

ONC survey: Growth of confidence in EHR privacy and security

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
EHR safety, EHR security, patient data, patient data privacy, patient data security

Patients' trust in providers' abilities to protect EHR privacy and security is steadily increasing to the point where more than three-quarters of patients support the idea of providers electronically exchanging their data. From 2012 to 2014, ONC polled Americans on their confidence in the...

February 18, 2016  9:35 AM

How technology could stop the spread of the Zika virus

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee
Genomes, Mobile

While some believe that technology may not be that helpful in tracking the Zika virus, others argue that the technological means to slow or even stop the spread of the...

February 17, 2016  3:59 PM

Healthcare held hostage in Hollywood hospital hack

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner
cybercriminals, cybersecurity, Pacs, PHI, Ransomware

Carl Wright, general manager and executive vice president of worldwide sales at cybersecurity firm TrapX Security, Inc., has seen and worked to foil a lot of hacks in previous stints as a U.S. military chief information security...

February 17, 2016  10:16 AM

CommonWell Health Alliance adds HIMSS, others as new members

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
Cerner, CommonWell Alliance, HIE, HIMSS, Interoperability, mckesson

A group created to expand the interoperable exchange of patient data between providers with different EHR systems can now count a few more healthcare organizations as members. Less than two weeks out from its

February 11, 2016  9:23 AM

Startup is working to make unique patient identifier a reality

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee
Interoperability, national patient identifier

Many in health IT have pushed for a national patient identifier that could enable interoperability and data exchange in healthcare for a while now without much success...

February 10, 2016  4:06 PM

New ICD-10 code for Zika

Shaun Sutner Shaun Sutner Profile: Shaun Sutner

The American Health Information Management Association now has an ICD-10 code for the birth defect-causing Zika virus: A92.8. On Feb. 5, as 11 states had reported travel-associated cases of the Zika virus,

February 9, 2016  4:23 PM

ONC says HIPAA doesn’t impede health IT interoperability

Alex Delvecchio Alex Delvecchio Profile: Alex Delvecchio
HIPAA, HIPAA Compliance, Interoperability, OCR, ONC, PHI

Officials at ONC are determined to smother the notion that HIPAA and its PHI regulations interfere with providers' capacity to exchange patients' health information. At least that's the implication behind a collection of educational resources being published and promoted by ONC. In response to...

February 4, 2016  9:48 AM

Technology may not be helpful with tracking Zika virus

Kristen Lee Kristen Lee Profile: Kristen Lee
Ebola, WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared the Zika virus a global health emergency and now hospitals are on alert and prepping for any incoming cases, and the public is being informed of symptoms and proper precautions to take. Although technology helped in

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