Health IT Pulse:

May, 2010

May 13, 2010  1:15 PM

Four states receive matching funds to implement EHR incentives

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
CMS, EHR implementation, HITECH Act

Earlier this week the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced that four states will receive federal matching funds to

May 12, 2010  12:01 AM

iPod Touch replaces medical show guide; Flash alternative in works?

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
Adobe, Adobe Flash, Apple, Flash, Gianduia, ipad, iPod, iPod Touch, iTouch

While most people equate the words "iPod Touch" with "music player," health care IT pros are beginning to understand its potential function within the enterprise: as an iPhone -- without the AT&T calling plan -- that happens to play music. Some hospitals are providing nurses and physicians who...

May 11, 2010  11:00 AM

Enforcing EHR adoption, other news

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
data breaches, Data Loss Prevention, EHR, Health IT, Meaningful use, Software as a Service

Health care providers in Massachusetts who don't adopt electronic health record (EHR) technology could lose more than just incentive funds -- they could become ineligible to renew their licenses. Attendees at Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's health IT...

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May 11, 2010  8:24 AM

HITAC will oversee health IT initiatives for National Quality Forum

JeanD Profile: JeanD
Health IT, HITAC, National Quality Forum

The National Quality Forum has launched its Health Information Technology Advisory Committee, an initiative it announced last winter. The forum, which endorses standards used in...

May 10, 2010  8:10 AM

Student project focuses on meaningful use of EHR

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
EHR implementation, HITECH Act, Job training, Meaningful use

A recently completed University of California at San Diego (UCSD) project sets an example for both ensuring the meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR) and establishing effective higher-education...

May 7, 2010  11:55 AM

Federal committees take on ‘daunting’ electronic enrollment task

JeanD Profile: JeanD
electronic enrollment, health insurance

Officials and industry stakeholders leading the health IT efforts for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) were given their marching orders for managing the new tasks, including electronic enrollment in health insurance, required by the health reform...

May 6, 2010  2:00 PM

Study shows using bar-code technology reduces medication errors

AnneSteciw Profile: AnneSteciw
barcode technology, Health IT, Meaningful use

The next time you find yourself receiving a medication at the hospital, don't worry if the nurse scans you like a bag of potato chips at the grocery store -- it's for your own safety. Medication mistakes are among the most common medical errors to occur, and can cause patients serious harm....

May 5, 2010  3:15 PM

Copy machines targets for health care data breaches

Don Fluckinger Profile: Don Fluckinger
Data breach, Data Loss Prevention, HIPAA, privacy, Security

Last week we saw a piece on a law firm blog about how copy machines can make a health care provider vulnerable to data breaches and HIPAA violations in a way...

May 4, 2010  11:49 AM

Ensuring HIPAA compliance, and other news

Beastwood Profile: Beastwood
health IT standards, HIPAA, HITECH Act, ipad

The push to expand America’s health IT infrastructure is enough of a headache for CIOs and CMIOs. Stricter rules for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance surely do not help.

It appears, though, that a solid

May 4, 2010  9:56 AM

Certification NPRM comments due soon, still far from final rule

JeanD Profile: JeanD
Meaningful use

Comments on the certification notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) are due in a week, and members of the...

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