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Industrial IoT

January 10, 2020  1:23 PM

Edge computing could fail, if you only pay attention to the tail

Dale Vile Profile: Dale Vile
architecture, Digital transformation, Edge computing, Industrial IoT, Infrastructure, IT operations

In its obsession with software development, all too often at the expense of other disciplines, the IT industry has let the tail wag the proverbial dog for more than ten years. Now, with the rise of edge computing – where your architectural and operational decisions will be absolutely key to your...

November 1, 2018  5:59 PM

Industrial IoT makes your people more important, not less

Bryan Betts Bryan Betts Profile: Bryan Betts
Analytics, human factors, Industrial IoT, iot, IoT hardware, Manufacturing, Skills

The recent Industry of Things World conference in Berlin offered insights into the state of the much-hyped Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At one end, big early adopters such as Airbus, Western Digital and HPE...

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