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January, 2020

January 20, 2020  4:13 PM

Consent and GDPR: at least get the basics right!

Bryan Betts Bryan Betts Profile: Bryan Betts
Compliance, GDPR, meaningful consent, regulatory compliance

Why do companies find it so hard to get their heads around even the basics of GDPR compliance? I’m not even thinking here of techie stuff like not getting hacked, and not losing a laptop full of unencrypted customer data. By comparison, informed consent is simple. I mean, it’s not exactly...

January 17, 2020  2:29 PM

Business AI needs to focus on psychology, not technology

Bryan Betts Bryan Betts Profile: Bryan Betts

There's no doubt now that AI works, and it can work very well indeed – as a technology, at least. And as one of our recent research projects reported, AI-based machine learning (ML) is increasingly being used to automate (or part-automate) complex processes such as logistics planning and IT...

January 10, 2020  1:23 PM

Edge computing could fail, if you only pay attention to the tail

Dale Vile Profile: Dale Vile
architecture, Digital transformation, Edge computing, Industrial IoT, Infrastructure, IT operations

In its obsession with software development, all too often at the expense of other disciplines, the IT industry has let the tail wag the proverbial dog for more than ten years. Now, with the rise of edge computing – where your architectural and operational decisions will be absolutely key to your...

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