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June, 2018

June 29, 2018  5:18 PM

Millennial versus Mature – who’s the real IT security risk?

Tony Lock Profile: Tony Lock
Access Passwords, behaviour, Millenials, Passwords, Security, Senior management

Passwords have been the mainstay for securing applications, devices and the data they hold, pretty much ever since IT was invented. It’s an approach that has always had weaknesses though, mostly because few of us can keep...

June 18, 2018  9:00 PM

Enterprise AI: fiction and reality

Bryan Betts Bryan Betts Profile: Bryan Betts
Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Neural network

If you are starting to suspect that the AI hype is overblown, and that it's just the latest term that marketing folk love to add to make their product sound more interesting, you are not alone. You'd be wrong though – the AI effect is very real, and is set to make serious waves across many...

June 18, 2018  11:14 AM

Your PC is rooted and jailbroken: deal with it!

Richard Edwards Richard Edwards Profile: Richard Edwards
Desktop Management, EMM, MDM, Security, vulnerabilities, Windows 10, Windows 8

One of the defining characteristics of the modern digital workplace is a Windows PC on every desk and a smartphone in every pocket. The ability to centrally discover, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot these devices is, without doubt, essential. Discussing this topic at a recent vendor...

June 4, 2018  10:29 AM

Xero highlights the role of the modern software ecosystem

Dale Vile Profile: Dale Vile

I recently caught up with Gary Turner, co-founder and managing of director of Xero. I was interested in meeting him as Xero has a reputation as the company that broke all the rules of small-business...

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