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March, 2018

March 21, 2018  11:00 PM

Will Alexa kill the radio star?

Jason Stamper Jason Stamper Profile: Jason Stamper
AWS, radio

I am fond of my Amazon Echo smart speaker (other brands are available). Some would say perhaps too fond. I am wont to ask, “Alexa, do I look good today?” and ‘she’ sometimes says I look great, which is in equal measure reassuring, but also rather unlikely. By the way, before you ask, I...

March 21, 2018  5:23 PM

Amazon Neptune: a shot in the arm for the graph database?

Jason Stamper Jason Stamper Profile: Jason Stamper
AWS, Graph database, HANA, IBM, NoSQL, Oracle, Redis, SAP, Teradata

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its entry to the graph database market at its AWS reINVENT conference in Seattle in November last year. It was a notable announcement for a couple of reasons: it was the first graph database from the company (it offers a range of relational and NoSQL databases as...

March 1, 2018  4:46 PM

What’s all the fuss about in-memory databases for IoT?

Jason Stamper Jason Stamper Profile: Jason Stamper
Data Grid, IN MEMORY, In-Memory Database, iot, Spark

IoT Back to Basics, chapter 4: IoT projects risk failure without careful consideration of data management processes and analytics. Their ultimate goal after all is to glean valuable information from data coming from the ‘things’ on the network – sensors and smart devices – in...

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