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Dec 15 2011   10:11PM GMT

In defense of fruitcake

Nasya76 Profile: Nasya76

I like fruitcake. I know it’s a shocking revelation but I grew up in a house where fruitcake was celebrated. My mother gushed and smiled when the fruitcake arrived, immediately taking it from its plate and resting it on the dessert table. I would stare in wonder at the multicolored masterpiece before enjoying a thick slice. It was only when I went over a friend’s house as a child that I discovered that fruitcake is not exactly a wonder-inducing delight in other households.

In this season of merriment, the fruitcake is always the elephant in the room. We all recognize the fruitcake shape and smell, although my aunt has slipped a number of fruitcakes by people by arriving with the fruitcake tightly sealed in a blue butter cookie tin. The air is immediately sucked from the room when the fruitcake arrives. The crestfallen face, the polite smile, the cringe as the host/hostess turns his/her back to the fruitcake bearer as he/she silently wonders what to do with the thing, and the silent shunning of the fruitcake bearer by other guests; in short, it is a recipe for disaster as a holiday party guest.

So, what does fruitcake have to do with leads management? Do not let your leads be “that” fruitcake. Nobody wants to talk about the leads unless they are good. Nobody wants the fruitcake unless there is nothing else to eat in the house. Put leads in the forefront: the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you run a program for $50k and it produces 25 leads, $2k/lead is probably not the amount you were hoping to spend. But, if there were three qualified leads that spent $200k each, you were probably successful. $2k/lead is ugly but $600k in sales for a $50k investment is tantalizingly good. You don’t know what you have until you nurture, qualify, and engage your leads. You will need to assess the leads your marketing efforts brought in and put effort into converting leads with potential to get the most from your dollar. The most successful marketers are not afraid to stumble, as long as they can figure out how to recover.

So, please, in this season of merriment, take the leads out of the blue butter cookie tin. There’s always someone like me who will say “Yum…fruitcake.”

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