Eyes on APAC:

August 24, 2017  8:30 AM

Emerging Asia most vulnerable to malware

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

Bangladesh and Pakistan have the highest malware encounter rates around the world, followed by two other countries in the ASEAN region – Cambodia and Indonesia, according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report. That those countries were most susceptible to malware is...

August 18, 2017  3:16 AM

Australia’s national recycling scheme is role model for the region

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

Australia has always been ahead of the curve – at least in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – when it comes to recycling of electronics goods. While most APAC countries are still coming to terms with green practices, Australia has had its National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme (NTCRS)...

August 8, 2017  9:38 AM

Digital engagement critical as football clubs look to grow APAC fan base

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

With just days before the English Premier League (EPL) kicks off, legions of football fans in Singapore can once again cheer for their favourite teams in pubs and homes across the city-state. The exact number of EPL fans in Southeast Asia is unknown, but going by regular visits by top clubs like...

August 3, 2017  8:31 AM

China does not need VPNs to innovate

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

During the conference call on Apple’s third-quarter earnings, CEO Tim Cook touched on the company’s decision to pull out VPN (virtual private network) apps from its China app store. The reason: Apple had...

July 28, 2017  7:58 AM

How Singapore’s central bank turns big data into smart data

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

As a central bank, industry developer and regulator, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) relies on a broad set of transactional, behavioural and social media data to craft policies and drive the development of Singapore’s financial industry. MAS’s challenge, however, is not about the...

July 21, 2017  2:40 AM

Australians ready for IoT and AI in e-payments

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

Over a quarter of Aussies are now ready to use an internet-connected device, like a virtual assistant or connected fridge to make payments on their behalf, according to a new YouGov study commissioned by payment technology company Visa. In September 2016, just 12% said they would do so,...

July 12, 2017  4:47 AM

Silicon photonics to feed growing appetite for bandwidth

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

Belgium-based research institute IMEC has developed a platform that uses silicon photonics in high-speed optical links to support the growing bandwidth needs of cloud datacentres. According to IMEC, which is holding a

July 5, 2017  7:05 AM

Thailand’s new talent centre is timely but education reform needed

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

As one of Southeast Asia’s “tiger cub” economies, Thailand has seen tremendous growth in the past three decades. Driven by its export-focused growth strategy, particularly in automobiles, Thailand’s GDP has expanded over 12-fold from

June 28, 2017  9:39 AM

Untangling the web of digital payments

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

With a tech-savvy population and a smartphone penetration rate of 150%, Singapore’s adoption of digital payments is abysmal. Cash is still king in the city-state, especially in the heartlands where credit cards...

June 23, 2017  1:40 AM

Nayana ransom payment a wake-up call for cyber hygiene

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

When one is confronted by a criminal or terrorist demanding a ransom in exchange for a loved one who has been held hostage, the general rule of thumb is not to pay up and go to the police. That’s the sensible thing to do, lest you create more incentives for kidnappings and inadvertently...

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