Eyes on APAC:

June 1, 2018  6:17 AM

Markets will drive AI adoption: Gartner

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

Amid the growing arms race between the US and China to dominate the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI), it is industry players and markets that will really drive adoption of the technology,...

May 25, 2018  7:11 AM

Data protection as a competitive advantage

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

By now, many consumers in Asia and elsewhere would have received at least a couple of e-mails from merchants asking for consent to continue receiving marketing messages under Europe’s...

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May 17, 2018  9:22 AM

E-commerce in APAC is thriving, but so is online fraud

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

E-commerce in Asia-Pacific is booming, with 71% of consumers in the region already shopping online. But so is the risk of fraud, with one in five consumers falling victim, according to new report from Experien. The report, co-authored with IDC, also found that over half of consumers would...

May 10, 2018  9:08 PM

Hybrid cloud finds takers among Asian carriers

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

A growing number of Asian airlines are looking to the hybrid cloud to reduce IT costs. In October 2017, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) embarked on a massive project with TCS to migrate its core datacentre infrastructure and applications to a hybrid-cloud model, with 80% of its assets hosted on...

May 3, 2018  3:15 AM

AI skills matter more than technology

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

A new study by Seagate has revealed that APAC organisations are warming up to artificial intelligence (AI), but a significant number have not invested in the data and technical solutions required...

April 27, 2018  7:37 AM

How machine learning is used to detect fraud

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

One of machine learning’s most well-known use cases is fraud detection, an area that has drawn the attention of a growing number of technology suppliers looking to develop the best algorithms and techniques...

April 20, 2018  1:51 AM

Huawei’s industry vision offers glimpse into its priorities

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

At Huawei’s annual analyst summit in Shenzhen this week, the Chinese technology giant unveiled its predictions about what the future holds from a technology perspective in its Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025 report. The...

April 12, 2018  11:38 AM

Farming goes high tech in Australia

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

The farming industry is arguably one of the last frontiers in digital transformation efforts, but not so in Australia, which has one of the biggest agriculture sectors in the world. Since 2013, more farmers in the country have been turning to Agriwebb, a cloud-based livestock management...

April 6, 2018  6:36 AM

Enterprises will be watching how this luggage tracker works

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

Asset tracking is arguably the lowest-hanging use case that enterprises can consider in testing the...

March 28, 2018  7:01 AM

Australian broadcaster live-streamed Winter Olympics with AWS

Aaron Tan Aaron Tan Profile: Aaron Tan

It would take someone over five million years to watch the amount of video carried across IP networks each month in 2021 – that’s how much video...

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