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Mar 4 2008   3:51PM GMT

Survey says: Database users prefer Oracle

Shayna Garlick Shayna Garlick Profile: Shayna Garlick

The results are in from Evans Data Corp.’s first survey on database user preferences — and Oracle has made a clean sweep.

Oracle (version 10g or later) ranked number one in all 13 categories of the survey, which polled over 1,400 database users in December 2007.  According to Evans Data., a market research firm, most of those polled were users of several database systems. They were asked about their satisfaction with the following:

  • Performance
  • Security features
  • Scalability
  • Atomicity
  • Consistency
  • Isolation of transactions
  • Durability of transactions
  • Quality of data modeling tools
  • Support for XML
  • Multi platform support
  • Quality of management tools included in the database
  • Quality of available 3rd party management tools
  • Programming language support

The closest Oracle came to any of its competitors (which included My SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2, among others) was a tie with IBM in one category.

In this InformationWeek article, Evans Data CEO John Andrews is quoted as saying: “The most glaring item that we took away from this research is that in 23 years we’ve never had one vendor come out number one in all categories.”

So, what do you think? Are you running multiple databases and surprised by these results? Which category’s win surprises you the most? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Herb Overstreet
    Wow! I find this hard to believe, but not hard to believe if the majority of those polled were Oracle raised and never been outside the Oracle environment. I have Oracle and Informix DBA certifications and currently working toward a SQL Server certification. In my years (since 1973) in the computer field (my first DBA job was with Honeywell 6000 IDS), Oracle would be my last selection. This is from my experience with installing the product supporting development and production environments. Of course I have no experience with any of the Oracle products after Version 9, but 10 and 11 would have to have huge improvements in the installations and maintaining high operational levels since my escape in 2006 from their hypnotic control over those making IT decisions, with no comprehension of databases, mesmerized by Oracle golf outings and likes. I wonder if there were any polled from those States currently and recent past legal actions against Oracle. In my eyes, Oracle practices are right up there with Eron, deceivingly under the table.
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  • Romeo Ybanez
    With what you said it seems that you judge Oracle by just one category: Ease of Installation. I think the survey is about all aspects of the database not just from the point of view of the DBA on installation but what the users experienced.
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  • Herb Overstreet
    Yes it would appear that way. Forgot a comma or "and". Should read "This is from my experience with installing the product and supporting development and production environments.
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