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Aug 21 2007   9:56PM GMT

Oracle bigger than Microsoft? The crowd responds

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

The question of whether Oracle will become bigger than Microsoft has Oracle users talking. And it was a bit  surprising to see so may readers responding to my recent blog post on the topic. It seems that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s belief that his company will indeed overtake Microsoft caught the imaginations of more than a few. Here’s a slightly edited sampling of what some of our readers had to say:

From Rishi Raj Rastogi:

“It depends on what Larry means by becoming bigger. In terms of revenue, yes, it is possible for Oracle to move ahead of Microsoft in a few years time looking at the acquisitions. But if you look at the popularity or even the brand recognition factor then Microsoft is way ahead and will stay ahead of Oracle for many years to come. The reason being is very simple – Oracle is into specialized softwares/packages and a common man using a PC may/may not be aware of Oracle, but Microsoft has the advantage of the Windows OS and MS Office suite, which makes it known to even a simple PC user.”

From Sivadas Madhavan:

“I heard Larry Ellison speak at two Oracle OpenWorld conferences. Both times I came back thinking this guy has a chip on his shoulder. He simply hates being not as rich as Bill Gates. At least his yacht is bigger and better than Gates’s if he has one. As for Oracle bigger than MS? It ain’t going to happen anytime soon. Of course, Oracle can try to acquire MS. Now, won’t that be exciting!

From Tim Smith:

“I have worked on SQL Server 2005 writing stored procedures and I have worked on Oracle 9i doing the same and I will take Oracle any day. It’s the best. And all the applications and platforms that Oracle runs on makes it an awesome choice for companies of all sizes to use and grow with as the company expands. As far as Oracle getting bigger than MS, you bet it can! How many more new Operating Systems and Office suites can MS push out the door, with the advent of Open Source OSes and Offices? My bet is on Oracle.

From M. R. Wietelmann:

“It was not too many years ago that IBM was the dominant force in computers and IT. History has taught us anything can happen! Oracle PC’s? Hmm.”

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  • UmaParvathy
    Yes as Rishi said, It is obvious Oracle cannot overtake Microsoft in its OS field.Even most of the engineers including me fond to be the Slaves of Mouse as it is userfriendly and typing is not required. But if we see technology wise Database:Oracle is best among all the RDBMS Datawarehouse:Oracle10g is picking up but not sure will it overtake Terradata(It depends who is the first to aquire NCR). Programming:Already Java had taken up the whole plate leaving .Net only the pieces. Apps side:Oracle Apps and Oracle Fusion is expected to be the frontier. Considering all Oracle(Oracle Fusion,10g)combined with Java will lead the world for sure.
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  • Peter GL
    Dont worry about being the biggest, be the best!. Goliath was the biggest but David trusted God!
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  • Shogunle Adeolu
    Microsoft is a house hold name in OS and because of its user friendly features, a common man on the street can easily work with it. To me, I feel this is the edge that MS has but history has taught us of how IBM which used to be the dominant force in the IT world has been overtaken... Anything can happen. Only time will tell.
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  • Pavel Descoteaux
    What I am finding is that Microsoft is now repeating what IBM has done.. doing a lot of things, just not doing a lot of things well. Perhaps Microsoft's strategy now is just to put a dent in the market. Oracle is a true enterprise solution and this provides companies with viable options. Microsoft runs on Microsoft, and your hands are pretty much tied.
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  • ankur sharma
    it is't look possible in the upcoming years but anything can possible.eye towards best not biggest.
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  • Carthik Annayan
    Well, When it comes to the database market there no-one to compete Oracle. Oracle Runns on almost every platform you name. SQL Server runs only on windows, and with the Enterprise software as well Oracle is Catching up with the Market, Ofcourse SAP is a Giant in the ERP segment.. Well Let turn the tables like this. Billy Gates, will keep his monopoly "ON" and he is almost into every damn business in the IT Sector, Right from gaming, Database, OS and Stuff "You name it They Have it". While Oracle will have to comeup with someting like this... Let me tell you something Folks Larry has every right to dream.It could be possible as well, But not in the near future i am rest assurinng you guys on this. PPL MICROSOFT This guy is Huge man it could be a Himalian task, Good Luck "Larry" !
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