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Jul 10 2007   11:58AM GMT

I still haven’t found what I’m searching for

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Tim Hall at the ORACLE-BASE blog and Andy C at nbrightside have been writing about search engines (what percentage of their blog traffic comes from search engines, what percentage of that search traffic comes from Yahoo vs. Google, etc.). Search engine minutiae is endlessly fascinating to me, and these blogs prompted me to poke around our own stats to see what’s been bringing people to the Eye on Oracle blog lately.

I compiled this list of some of the amusing and/or unlikely search strings that have recently led folks to our humble blog:

  • what do you mean theoretical database
  • arrogant oracle database
  • sap on sql sucks
  • oracle pl/sql sucks
  • oracle webcenter sucks (Note to self: Use the word “sucks” more for search engine optimization)
  • learn oracle dba in one week
  • what would a database administrator do (I can see the shirts now: WWDBAD?)
  • database work is for suckers
  • recent dumb in oracle
  • WHINING AND GRINING (Grining? I get 439 hits in Google for this . . . does that make “grining” a word? But then “oralce” gets over 183,000 . . . there’s even an oralce.com! Talk about capitalizing on misspellings.)
  • sheryl, rich does like you (????!)
  • how does the eye function in easy languages
  • how does anyone ever use oracle when sql server is so much easier to use (Apparently some people are trying to engage Google in an actual conversation)
  • does anybody really do enterprise architecture (Nah. I think it’s a myth)
  • hate oracle dst patch
  • kramer dba seinfeld
  • elisa gabbert blog (Aww. I have a fan!)

What kooky phrases are turning up in your referring URLs?


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  • LewisC
    Hi Elisa, (Note to self: Use the word “sucks” more for search engine optimization) Heh. That is too funny. And probably a good idea. ;-) LewisC
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  • Charles Schultz
    These are good, thanks. PS - wordpress did not like my answer for the anti-spam question. How is 11-3 != 3+5?
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  • anon
    "kramer dba seinfeld". I've got a copy of a presentation by Richard J. Niemiec (TUSC) called "WHAT IF KRAMER WAS YOUR DBA AND SEINFELD TUNED YOUR DATABASE?". I suspect that is what the searcher was looking for.
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  • Elisa Gabbert
    Oh, eureka! ... yes, I've heard of that presentation as well. But I didn't make the connection myself.
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