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Jan 17 2007   2:01PM GMT

Don’t use Export for backup and recovery!

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

When one of your professional roles involves helping out Oracle database users the world over, you’re bound to get some repeat questions. That’s certainly the case for SearchOracle.com backup-and-recovery expert Brian Peasland.

Peasland, an independent consultant who volunteers his time answering questions from SearchOracle.com members, and who talked to SearchOracle.com this week about the upcoming Oracle Database 11g, says the one question he gets more often than any other has do with the proper way to conduct Oracle Database back-ups.

“DBAs who are just learning Oracle want to rely on the Export tool as their only means of backup and recovery and unfortunately that is not a great backup and recovery tool,” Peasland explained.

Instead of the Export tool, Peasland says, DBAs should take full advantage of the Oracle tool known as Recovery Manager, or RMAN, for their backup needs.

“RMAN is probably the best, most robust backup and recovery tool supplied with any database out there on the market today and people do not want to use it because they’re afraid of it,” Peasland explained.

According to Peasland, the big problems with Export are that it leaves users with only one recovery option and it doesn’t allow users to recover transactions that have happened since the last backup.

“These sorts of things can be very limiting to many people,” he said.

For all the folks out there thinking about asking Brian how to use Export for backup and recovery, please consider this blog post a preemptive strike. You have your answer: RMAN is the man when it comes to backup and recovery.

Read our new interview with Brian Peasland to get more of his thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics, including the new features of Oracle Database 11g, getting Oracle certified, picking the best PL/SQL editor and locking down Database 10g.

– Mark Brunelli, News Editor

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  • Kash
    RMAN is Recovery manager not Recording Manager.
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  • Avihay
    RMAN is a great tool but the title should have been "Don't use only export as your backup" . Export has it's advantages in some cases and it is a great additional recovery option .
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  • Brian Peasland
    I would agree with Avihay's title suggestion. Export and Data Pump do have a niche in your backup and recovery strategy. However, these should not be your only backup methodology. With RMAN, you get incremental backups, block-level recovery, and much, much more. Today's Oracle DBA should take the time to understand what each method can and cannot do.
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