Eye on Oracle:

November, 2007

November 29, 2007  4:37 PM

Mitigating risk in application implementations

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

The topic of mitigating risk in application implementations has sparked my interest lately. And at Oracle OpenWorld 2007 a couple of weeks ago, I was really looking forward to one session which...

November 28, 2007  12:17 PM

Oracle takes Database 11g into the ’scale-out’ era

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

One of the more interesting sessions I attended at Oracle OpenWorld centered on the high availability aspects of the latest version of Oracle's flagship,

November 26, 2007  12:16 PM

Server virtualization: Buzzworthy?

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

Of all the announcements and marketing-speak at OpenWorld recently, the release of Oracle VM seems to be generating some real buzz. But is the technology worthy of...

November 19, 2007  12:23 PM

OpenWorld wrap-up

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

The dust has settled and the blogosphere is taking stock of the OpenWorld show in San Francisco last week. Opinions run the gamut, from: Pure magic:...

November 16, 2007  3:35 PM

Quite a week

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

Whew! Mark, Barney and I are wrapping up a long, busy week in San Francisco at OpenWorld. We met a lot of you, saw a lot of PowerPoint, and heard a lot of executive-speak. It was a fun,...

November 14, 2007  12:18 PM

Oracle Fusion: Could there be a major announcement today?

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

I've been here at OpenWorld 2007 in San Francisco wondering one main thing: What is Oracle founder Larry Ellison's big announcement going to be when to takes to the stage for his keynote address later today? I'm an OpenWorld veteran now, and one thing I've learned is that Ellison likes to drop...

November 14, 2007  11:29 AM

Updates from OpenWorld

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

We've posted a few new articles from here in SF at OpenWorld: Oracle Database 11g and information management - Oracle Database 11g's new features were designed to combat the latest and most...

November 12, 2007  12:01 PM

IBM acquires Cognos

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

This just in: IBM has announced it will buy BI vendor Cognos Inc. for $5 billion cash. I wonder if the timing of the announcement right at the start of OpenWorld is in retaliation for Larry Ellison's quip about IBM -- "a pig with lipstick" -- at the conference a few years ago? The plot thickens!...

November 12, 2007  11:40 AM

Doubts about Oracle virtualization

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

Our surveys have repeatedly shown that interest server virtualization is high and growing. However, there are detractors that urge caution. A detailed, informative conversation is going on about the...

November 7, 2007  11:45 AM

Bring Devo back to OpenWorld!

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

One thing can be said for Oracle conferences like next week's Oracle OpenWorld 2007, which is being held in San Francisco: Oracle doesn't skimp on entertainment. I can attest to this first hand. At...

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