Eye on Oracle:

April, 2007

April 30, 2007  10:46 AM

Oracle blogs: Who’s hot and who’s not

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Justin Kestelyn, the editor-in-chief of Oracle Technology Network (OTN), is perplexed -- he wants to know why Oracle gets no blogging respect. Kestelyn recently complained on his blog that despite having a

April 25, 2007  9:07 AM

Still confused about SOA?

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Sure, you’ve had SOA (service-oriented architecture) explained to you a hundred times. And you always think you understand it . . . for about five minutes. Then it starts to get fuzzy again. (At least, this is how I felt for a long time.) If you’re in the same boat, read yesterday’s entry on...

April 24, 2007  10:50 AM

Oracle Fusion: Ten ways E-Business Suite customers can prepare

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Nadia Bendjedou, director of product strategy at Oracle, gave a presentation at last week’s Collaborate ’07 conference that listed 10 things you can do to get ready for Fusion applications as an...

April 19, 2007  1:44 PM

20 must have PL/SQL developer tips

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

OK, so maybe the headline is a tad misleading. I don't actually have "20 must have PL/SQL developer tips" to list here.  But I can tell you where you'll soon be able get them -- thanks to...

April 17, 2007  9:25 PM

Three trends in the Oracle world

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

In a session this afternoon titled “Three trends in the Oracle world,” Rich Niemiec, funnyman and CEO of Oracle consulting firm TUSC, outlined what he saw as three major trends in general product direction for Oracle. For those of you who missed the session...

April 17, 2007  4:03 PM

Did you hear the one about…?

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

My, how Collaborate has grown! In only its second official year, the three user group combined conference is already up to 7,000 attendees from 50 countries. Let's just hope that it doesn't get as big as OpenWorld -- although if...

April 17, 2007  2:37 PM

Collaborate 07: IBM keynote

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

This morning at 8:30 was the second of the two keynote speeches at this year’s Collaborate conference in Las Vegas. (The first keynote was delivered on Monday by Oracle president Charles Phillips.) A little surprisingly, today’s session was led not by anyone from Oracle but by Mark Shearer from...

April 16, 2007  5:45 PM

Can Oracle DBAs survive automation?

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Today marks the first full day of Collaborate '07, and the word of the day is overwhelming. The conference is huge, the hotels are huge, and the list of sessions is huge—if you can manage to decide which sessions you want to go to, good luck finding them! Today after scrambling to grab lunch I...

April 11, 2007  12:29 PM

Collaborate ’07 countdown

Beth Pariseau Beth Pariseau Profile: Beth Pariseau

Only four days and counting till Collaborate ’07 kicks off in fabulous Las Vegas (an upgrade from last year’s setting of Nash Vegas). As usual the whole SearchOracle team is going to be there to bring...

April 9, 2007  3:07 PM

Petabytes of data: The new normal?

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

As enterprise Oracle DBAs know first-hand, data growth these days is exponential. Gartner calculates that the average site doubles its data under management every 6 to 18 months. Terabyte-sized data stores were a novelty not too long ago but you'll soon be hearing more and more about petabtyes....

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