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January, 2007

January 31, 2007  3:26 PM

Oracle’s Applications Unlimited event filled with theatrics

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

The Hudson Theater here in New York was a fitting location for Oracle's U.S.-based Applications Unlimited event given the theatrics surrounding it. The blaring music and slides with customer quotes...

January 31, 2007  9:41 AM

Rumors a-flyin’

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

What are the advantages of personal blogs over objective news publications that always cite their sources? For one, they’re a reliable source of rumors! We don’t know, of course, if the rumors are true, but a couple of them went flying around the Oracle blogosphere this week. The wildest is...

January 30, 2007  9:49 AM

ERP DOA thanks to SOA?

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

It seems that every few years, talk emerges that ERP suites are an endangered species, one step away from punch cards. In 2000-2001 it was said that the the death knell of ERP would be the internet, outsourcing or the overall decline of IT spending at that time -- take your pick.


January 23, 2007  7:49 AM

Database 11g: Ho-hum or hurray?

Ken Cline Profile: Clinek

The newest version of Oracle's flagship DBMS will be released sometime in 2007. At last autumn's OpenWorld, Oracle said that Database 11g (still its tentative name) will contain at least 482 new features, including improvements in scalability, data compression, security, parallel upgrades,...

January 19, 2007  11:30 AM

The future of blogs

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

According to a recent article on our sister site, SearchCIO.com, "blogging is so over." The article culls predictions from nearly 50 reports to draw a short list of conclusions about coming IT trends....

January 17, 2007  3:03 PM

Oracle aims at midsize retailers

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

Last week we posted an article detailing two new retail products Oracle was set to release at the National Retail Federation convention in New York City this week. Well, I guess we left one product out. (So sue me.) In addition to

January 17, 2007  2:01 PM

Don’t use Export for backup and recovery!

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

When one of your professional roles involves helping out Oracle database users the world over, you're bound to get some repeat questions. That's certainly the case for SearchOracle.com...

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January 12, 2007  1:53 PM

You need more storage — Is it within your power to get it?

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

A new SearchOracle.com article, “DBAs to storage managers: We want more!” highlights the results of a recent Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) survey, which reveals that...

January 11, 2007  10:55 AM

Oracle SQL Developer vs. Toad: Users speak out

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

A recent SearchOracle.com article that compared the latest version of Oracle's free SQL Developer tool with 25 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 9, 2007  12:08 PM

Welcome to the new SearchOracle.com blog!

Derek Kuhr Derek Kuhr Profile: Derek Kuhr

Updated several times a week, SearchOracle.com's Eye on Oracle blog will include an entertaining and informative mix of observations, opinion, anecdotes, commentary and insights about the...

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