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Feb 4 2008   12:24PM GMT

RHEL 4 installer bug: HTTPS not exempted despite best efforts

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Last week, fellow SEL blogger Rick Vanover discussed how RHEL 4 is still getting releases from Red Hat, despite the availability of RHEL 5. Considering that Red Hat still requires RHEL 4 for some of their own major products, such as Red Hat Proxy and Satellite servers, it makes sense that they would continue to update RHEL 4. But Red Hat still doesn’t support Oracle 10i (or 10 anything) for Satellite, making you wonder how long it will take for Red Hat to get on the ball with current releases.

For almost two months now, I have been attempting to get Red Hat Satellite successfully installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.4 and 4.5. The installation proceeded smoothly until Satellite attempted to start: Tomcat5 would always fail to initialize. I went back and forth with Red Hat support several times in order to figure the problem out (by the way, the folks at Red Hat support are great — thank you.)

The Red Hat Satellite documentation clearly states that port 443 needs to be open in your firewall for Satellite to work. Tomcat connects over port 443 on the default interface (not the loopback interface) in order to initialize Satellite over HTTPS for the first time. The problem is that the installer for RHEL 4 does not open port 443 even if you explicitly tell it to allow web traffic (WWW – HTTP/HTTPS) in the firewall configuration screen of the installation program.

Red Hat has recognized this as a bug. It has been reported and will hopefully be fixed in RHEL 4.7. I don’t know if this problem persists in RHEL 5. Would someone like to test it out for me?

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  • Pablo
    Hi, on http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/satellite/Red_Hat_Network_Satellite-5.0.0/html/Installation_Guide/s1-requirements-additional.html It's crearly stated which ports you need to open in order to work with it.. Regards Pablo
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  • Schley Andrew Kutz
    Yes, no kidding. I am sorry if I seem frustrated, but this is the exact same response I got from Red Hat that I had to beat them over the head with. I know what ports need to be open. My point is that the RHEL 4 installer SAYS it will open specific ports and fails to do so. Satellite was the impetus for finding the problem, whereas the problem is the fact that the RHEL 4 installer has a bug in it. Make sense?
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