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Jul 9 2009   3:14PM GMT

New OS game changer: Hannah Montana Linux

Leah Rosin Leah Rosin Profile: Leah Rosin

I try to use Twitter to stay on top of breaking Linux and IT news, but sometimes I run across a gem like this that isn’t necessarily newsworthy, but is quite humorous (or RFLMAO-worthy). Today, following on the heels of the big announcement about Google Chrome, we learned about Hannah Montana Linux (or HML).

Tounge-firmly-in-cheek, Liam Green-Hughes said, “Didn’t see this coming – but it is the top development in operating systems this year!”

While some were arguing about the timing and value of Google Chrome, few could argue about the value of HML. On Wednesday, some were complaining that Google made its announcement about Chrome without having a fully developed OS, or without having finished the Chrome browser for Linux and Mac OSX. But there were almost no complaints about HML today.

Regarding Google Chrome OS, Clay Shirky was wistful about the good old days when Google would finish a product before releasing it:
“Remember, Back In The Day, when Google used to build stuff, *then* announce it? I miss those days. *cough*Wave*cough*ChromeOS”

Shirky’s sentiment was popular enough to be “RT”ed (retweeted, or forwarded) multiple times on Wednesday by other Twitter users.

But not so with HML… Ok, well HML hasn’t been met in the Twittersphere with totally open arms. My recent Twitter Search found one “Eh,” two “WTF?”, a couple of “Eeeks”, some cries about kernel defilement, an apocalyptic warning, five “LMAO”‘s and quite a few retweets of Geek Brief TV’s Cali Lewis’s post:
“I am like TOTALLY installing Hannah Montana Linux on my Eee PC today!”

The most curious part of the HML announcement is the Web page, which one Twitterer pointed out was made in iWeb. The page includes the basic information about the distribution, in a strangely barely coherent format. Take for example this explanation of what it is:

So your Probably Wondering what`s the difference between Hannah Montana Linux and Windows and Mac OS X well here are some of the differences .
one : Hannah Montana Linux can`t get viruses so you could say its virus proof
two : Hannah Montana Linux is Free as in you do not have to pay for it and that you can change anything you don`t like the code is all open so its called open source
three : don`t you hate looking around the internet to find software like on Windows and Mac OS X
not on Hannah Montana Linux well you can do it like that if you wanted to…

I can look past the non-parallel list, but the utter lack of proper punctuation and leaps in logic make me wonder if this site was created by a non-English speaker, or a real, live Hannah Montana fan…

The second question I have was echoed by Clefmeister, “Isn’t that a bit of brand over-saturation?” In fact, isn’t Hannah Montana a brand controlled by one of the most powerful companies in the United States (Disney)? While it’s an open source distribution, I’m thinking the Disney lawyers may swiftly act to have it taken down. My advice is, download it quick if you want it, because I don’t think it will last long.

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  • DaemonZOGG
    one : "Hannah Montana Linux can`t get viruses so you could say its virus proof." This statement or claim is extremely FALSE. What they should have stated is that Linux can't get infected by WINDOWS Viruses. Linux actually does have a few thousand written viruses and worms that can damage your system. Although they are rarely seen on regular consumer systems at home. ClamAV for axample, works well to detect Linux and Unix malware. Long story, short.... Never let anyone tell you that your Operating System is completely immune from malicious code. Linux is an OS. Sombody somwhere on the planet has written something malicious for it to serve their own twisted means. Always use a well configured Firewall and always use AntiVirus software. DON'T Forget to UPDATE IT OFTEN.
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