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May 1 2007   8:51AM GMT

It’s official: Dell to offer certified, pre-installed Ubuntu Linux


Ubuntu on DellIn case you’ve been living under a rock this morning, let me help you out: Dell and Canonical have officially announced that Ubuntu Linux will be pre-installed and certified on a range of Dell laptops and desktops later this month. I know, I fainted a bit when I heard the news too.

OK, so I didn’t, but I did start thinking about our series of articles over the past few months about Ubuntu on the server. So did Raven Zachary, an analyst from the 451 Group that we speak with regularly about Linux and open source. In our article today covering the Dell/Ubuntu news, Zachary opines that in the near future, Ubuntu on Dell’s server lines is all but confirmed by today’s news.

“I think you will find Dell, over time, also offering Ubuntu across its server product line as Ubuntu grows in popularity in the data center,” he said.

Ubuntu on the server would mean one distribution to manage, from the developer’s desktop to the data center, Zachary said, and would feature Canonical’s 24×7 support offering.

There’s been a lot of hype around Ubuntu lately, and for good reason: Feisty Fawn’s launch in April; the Dell news; and even Michael Dell’s souped up mobile workstation that we reported on first here at the Enterprise Linux Log. But beyond that, Linux now has yet another venue with which to spread into the enterprise.

That’s good for me as a reporter because it keeps me in a job, but it’s also great for you, the IT pro, because it means there is yet another choice out there to keep competition and innovation fresh. It’s a heterogeneous world now, no?

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  • Axweildr
    ubuntu is a safe/test environment to my mind, Dell may be attempting to pull an AMD v Intel pull on this one, I've used ubuntu, not as a primary machine, FWIW I wouldn't run to market with it as a hardened server ...
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  • Alex
    After trying to install Ubuntu 7.04 on my laptop, I think the only viable way to make it popular *is* to preinstall it - I spent half a day and could never get my wireless card to work right, experiencing one problem after another despite finding lots of 'help' on various web pages. Linux still has a way to go when it comes to configuring hardware!
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  • Ryan
    Ubuntu is a great solid distro and a great option. I have been running it exclusively on my laptop for almost a year and would NEVER go back to windows. As long as you get hardware that is Linux compatible Ubuntu is great. Coming preinstalled should only make it better. Good move for Dell, good move for the open source community, perhaps a little bit of just deserts for Microsoft's evil empire!
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  • Martin
    I think its a good idea that Ubuntu and Dell have found a way to work together in order to bring a more diversed set of offerings to the customers. Many good things can come out of this coorporation between HW distributers and SW vendors. I use ubuntu on 2 laptops and they both work fine, but still, there are many settings which is not 'out of the box' and therefore a little bit to difficult for pc-beginners/noob/novices. Hopefully there will be some excellent teamwork, great support and good service like Dell-service-support and the Ubunto communities are known for. asked yesterday a Dell-person the Ubuntu/Dell coorporation, but in Denmark there had been no internal announcements. Guess we can just wait and see. Notice: But I must say that discussions and argumentation about this issue and open source in general would be even more valid and 'fine' if people keept comments like "microsoft's evil empiere" etc. out of their argumentations. thank you!
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