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Aug 21 2007   7:51AM GMT

GPLv3 adoption is up 14% week over week


California-based IP gurus Palamida emailed me this week with some intriguing GPLv3 information that I thought I’d share with everyone this morning. Apparently all the GPLv3 haters can go to lunch, because the little license that could is seeing adoption rates of approximately 14% week-over-week.

In the mailing, entitled “Get ready — it’s ramping up,” Palamida’s Melisa LaBancz-Bleasdale details the growth of the GPL’s third incarnation, which went live last month.

“This week has seen a 14% increase over last in the number of projects that have adopted the GPLv3. AS of 3pm Pacific time, August 17, our research indicates that 378 projects have officially adopted GPLv3, compared to 3332 projects on August 10, 2007. An additional 8 projects have adopted the LGPLv3 bringing the total LGPLv3 projects to 21.”

Then Palamida goes and makes my day with a handy chart. Charts, as anyone who reads Digg.com can tell you, make things easier to understand, digest, and therefore flame (if you don’t agree with them, usually by means of another chart that shows the exact opposite of what the first says). See also: Pictures.

Conversion chart

Palamida also takes the time to mention some of the latest GPLv3 conversions. They include:

libchart: a chart creation PHP library that is easy to use. It can generate bar diagrams or pie charts. It is compatible with PHP4/5 (compiled with GD and FreeType) and has no other dependencies
itools: a collection of Python libraries which provides a wide range of capabilities, including an abstraction over directory and file resources, a search engine, type marshallers, datatype schemas, i18n support, URI handlers, a Web programming interface, a workflow interface, and support for data formats such as (X)HTML, XML, iCalendar, RSS 2.0, and XLIFF
librapiddev: a collection of helper classes and tools to speed up your development of SDL/OpenGL projects

Additionally, Palamida notes that there are currently 4,748 projects with licenses that now read “GPL v2 or LGPL v2.1 or later.” For a complete list of projects that have adopted GPLv3 and LGPLv3, see http://gpl3.palamida.com.

Honorable mention: There are now over 5,000 GPLv3 (and related) projects (as a combined number from: GPLv3, GPL v2 or later, LGPL v3, and LGPL v2.1 or later). Not too shabby.

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  • Mike
    I find this very interesting information. It makes be think beyond this article to wonder how many "projects" exist for windows relative to how many exist for Linux. I have no idea how anyone would actually go about finding out but I think it would be very interesting to see if the number of "projects" for windows comes anywhere near the number of projects for Linux. I quote the work projects when referring to microsoft because they are not normally referred to as projects.
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  • GPLv3 growth now at 19%, week over week — Enterprise Linux Log
    [...] What the heck, right? It’s a Monday and I just posted GPLv3 growth info last week, but I’m going to do it again anyway! [...]
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