Enterprise Linux Log:

July, 2008

July 29, 2008  2:37 PM

User frustration with Vista prompts Ubuntu test-drive

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

I was relaxing, reading personal email on a leisurely Sunday afternoon when a note from a long-lost friend brought work, and Linux, front and center. The friend, from whom I hadn't heard in years, reported that her husband, frustrated beyond belief with

July 29, 2008  2:10 PM

Navy’s ship cancelation a blow for real-time Linux, IBM

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

The U.S. Navy’s cancelation of its $20 billion Zumwalt destroyer contract last week because of a 50% price hike is disappointing for the Linux community and surely must be for IBM The Armonk, N.Y.-based computer company developed Java-based, real-time...

July 28, 2008  4:34 PM

Package managers: Downloaders beware

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

Package management—the process of determining which update packages should be installed on a host and then downloading and installing those package—invites a dilemma : OSes need to updated, but the process of updating them can invite security breaches. A 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

July 23, 2008  9:17 PM

Surprise! Open source is growing fast, report concludes

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

This probably comes as no surprise to faithful Enterprise Linux Log readers, but the use of open source software grew at a whopping 55% a year. No kidding. That figure is courtesy of a study by well-known Linux author and consultant Bernard Golden, CEO of San Carlos, Calif.-based

July 18, 2008  4:57 PM

Open source: Get a (marketing) life, Yegge says

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

“You are a brand,” Steve Yegge, technology prodigy and renowned industry blogger, told listeners in a podcast on software marketing...

July 16, 2008  6:47 PM

Novell’s Steinman upbeat on growth, partnerships

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

Novell Inc. may be a distant No. 2 to Raleigh, N.C.-based Red Hat. Inc. in sales of its open source operating system. But that doesn’t daunt Justin Steinman, Novell’s director of product marketing, Linux and Open...

July 9, 2008  6:49 PM

Harvard Law professor outlines OS evolution

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/NgYE75gkzkM" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] According to Yochai Benkler, Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard, open source software is part of a shift to an economy driven by de-centralized non-market...

July 7, 2008  1:20 PM

Subversion releases 1.5.0: Right for the enterprise

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

Subversion (SVN) 1.5 has finally been released. Why should you care? For enterprise software managers who seek an open source software solution with a great feature set whose server and client run on Unix, Linux, Mac and/or MS...

July 3, 2008  3:49 PM

Xandros’ Linspire buy is great spectator sport

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

Sometimes company acquisitions are just fun to sit back and watch. Xandros Inc.’s recent acquisition of Linspire Inc. is a case in point. Xandros is building its muscle as the go-to interoperability player,...

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