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May, 2008

May 29, 2008  1:44 PM

Rowgen the full package, IRI CoSort says

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

Data protection and security may become easier if a new Linux-friendly product from IRI Cosort delivers on its promises. The product, Rowgen, integrates the formerly independent tasks of

May 27, 2008  12:39 PM

Novell hopping with news, but it’s not all good

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

Recently, Novell Inc. has been the beneficiary of generally good news. First, Microsoft gave Novell the nod to write open source extensions to its new System Center, which signals 2 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

May 26, 2008  9:15 PM

Sailing on Linux (and chicken) wings at MIT

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

In response to the last post I wrote for this blog, a user commented: "It's the opposition that has the boring names. Linux...

May 22, 2008  8:24 AM

Going virtual with Windows apps on Novell’s SUSE

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

Novell's Service Pack 2 for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 released yesterday has one especially hot item in its bag of assorted goodies: the Xen 3.2 virtualization engine. Since both SUSE as well as Windows Server 2003 and 2008 run...

May 21, 2008  10:09 AM

Just-in-time Linux

Megan Santosus Profile: Msant

Almost from the start of launching his managed services provider business about eight years ago, Matthew Porter has been a big-time Linux proponent. Porter, who is founder and CEO of Contegix, a St. Louis-based company, currently uses

May 19, 2008  12:08 PM

Novell slapped with suit for new mini-OS

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

Astrum Inc., a software security company in Carrollton, Texas, has filed suit against Novell Inc. Astrum claims that Novell violated its contract regarding development of the mini-operating system appliance that Novell...

May 12, 2008  8:37 PM

Ubuntu proponent debunks Windows edge in power test

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

In a recent story on SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, we reported that Windows Server 2008 eked out a narrow...

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May 9, 2008  6:59 AM

Ubuntu: Smells Like Team Spirit

Suzanne Wheeler Suzanne Wheeler Profile: Suzanne Wheeler

If a Linux distribution is not named after a Red Hat, does it still exist? Do sports teams improve their chances with Linux-inspired monikers? Do Linux administrators need to learn fencing to keep up with the tech industry? No, I'm not trying to throw you back into the fog that was the college...

May 7, 2008  10:05 AM

Ubuntu’s Hardy Heron nests at Fox News

Don Rosenburg Profile: Dkr

Ubuntu may not be a household word, but the increasingly popular Linux operating system is no stranger at Fox News. A Ubuntu blogger who complained that he couldn't view video on FoxNews.com got a personal response from David Denis, Fox News...

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