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December, 2011


December 4, 2011  3:01 PM

What are the things to ask while assessing a VDI solution?

Alaa Samarji Profile: AlaaSamarji

VDI lately became a big topic that everyone is talking about and project are up in the market for grabs for migrating 1000,3000,10000 and even 15000 PC units into a VDI ready solution, personally having implemented and consulted this technology before I have a few points...

December 4, 2011  2:55 PM

How to turn your 100TB oracle DB into 10TB DB?

Alaa Samarji Profile: AlaaSamarji

In Today’s market we find that everybody that is somebody in today’s world have some form of an Oracle database running somewhere in his datacenter for the simple reason that it’s just that good vs its competition. But what do we do when the data start getting...

December 4, 2011  2:49 PM

Can you really consolidate your SAN’s and NAS’s?

Alaa Samarji Profile: AlaaSamarji

I remember couple of years back, Storage business was not a business to look out for. The market didn’t really understand or accept the concept of putting all your files data in a single place, everybody just loved having tones of file servers and spinning disks in...


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