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October, 2008

October 29, 2008  7:07 PM

Application Integration Views

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The project that I'm working on currently, is deploying a solution that makes use of no less than 7 integration methods. This time I cannot provide examples as the solution is confidential. I developed 7 different views of the integration using exactly the same basic diagram that depicts the...

October 29, 2008  7:06 PM

Application Integration Methods

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Standards such as COM/DCOM, CORBA, EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), and XML work to assure that applications can communicate easily. Components written to the same standard can interoperate, but mixing these technologies results in an environment that requires another level of integration (usually...

October 29, 2008  7:05 PM

Application Integration Introduction

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Modern applications, when deployed in a distributed environment, rely heavily on integration methods to communicate to databases and user-facing frontends. Large organisations typically have application landscapes that span various platforms and environments, especially where legacy applications...

October 21, 2008  6:13 PM

Application Views – Layered

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Here's an example of an Application Architecture view that will actually be of value to a variety of audiences. It features the different levels of a "top-to-bottom" solution along the lines of the EA framework that I shared in earlier blogs. At the top the users and roleplayers are shown as well...

October 21, 2008  6:11 PM

Application Views – Decision Makers

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Management and Architects are likely to require Application Architecture views that show an application's lifecycle (is it ageing, or when is a review required of its continued suitability), costs of supporting and running it and the dependencies on 3rd parties such as a vendor for support and...

October 21, 2008  6:10 PM

Application Views – BAs

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We're still on the topic of Application Architectures and the various views that one can develop for this domain of Enterprise Architecture. Different views will be of value to different audiences (e.g. Management, Business Analysts, Solution Analysts, Developers, Architects, etc.). For a BA it's...

October 20, 2008  8:06 PM

Application Portfolio Views: Conformance 2

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The attached graph is the 2nd of 2 examples that show how an organisation can measure its application portfolio against a set of standards. In these examples 10 standards are each measured with a simple score out of 100. This graph shows the 10 standards and the footprint across 20 applications for...

October 20, 2008  8:02 PM

Application Portfolio Views: Conformance 1

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

An organisation may wish to see some concolidated views of how their applications measure up to standards. In the next 2 posts I will show 2 graphs that I helped develop for an organisation. These 2 examples were created using a spreadsheet that scores 10 criteria for 20 applications on a...

October 20, 2008  7:54 PM

Another Application Definition

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While collecting some views of Application Architectures, I came across yet another way of defining an application. I liked it, as it aligns with my reasoning that an application is simply the automation of a business function using technology. An analyst named Tom Richards wrote the following...

October 8, 2008  8:50 PM

Application Architecture Content 3

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

In my organisation a short document exists for each major business application. This is called the Application Architecture Document and it follows a consistent framework to address specific topics for each application: Business objectives, users that use it, business functions performed,...

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