Enterprise Architecture: Different Views:

July, 2008

July 30, 2008  6:22 PM

Governance Challenges

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Architecture Governance is a challenge in larger organisations where IT is not centralised. In my experience in such an environment there are always business units within the organisation that will want their way with the technologies they deploy and the way they design their solutions....

July 30, 2008  6:13 PM

Architecture Governance

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Once the future state vision for the organisation's IT and Business (with suitable principles) is in place, it becomes necessary for day-by-day design guidance to be given to development projects. This is required on 2 levels — guidelines to be employed by the business process designers, and in...

July 22, 2008  4:52 PM

Application Architecture

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What is Application Architecture all about? Firstly, the business drivers of an application should be identified and architectural needs of the application should be derived from that. Requirements for an application should be completely and unambiguously specified. For example, requirements like...

July 22, 2008  4:43 PM

Solution vs Application

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

What is the difference between a Solution and an Application? For me there is no difference, as they both exist as a result of some business requirement, they both might consist of programming code (albeit bought or custom written), they very likely need data to be kept somewhere and they both need...

July 20, 2008  7:31 PM

Chief Enterprise Architect

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Let's briefly examine the role of the "Chief Enterprise Architect". This role, as expected, is a leadership role where the EA programme of developing, maintaining, governing and evolving the architecture, is managed by the Chief EA. The person in this role will benefit from deep experience in...

July 20, 2008  7:30 PM

EA Team Structures

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

How are EA teams structured? Many smaller organisations do not even bother with teams, yet have good EA practices in place. In my experience it does help in a large organisation to have some team structure and processes in place to deal with the multitude of interactions with the IT and Business...

July 14, 2008  6:27 PM

EA Personalities

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Talking about roles within EA, there are opnions about the "personality types" suited to the disciplines of EA. Characteristics such as extroversion, introversion, "sensing", intuition, thinking, feeling, judging, perceiving, directive, analytical, conceptual and behavioural have been used. I...

July 14, 2008  6:07 PM

EIA Roles

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Within an Enterprise Architecture there are, as alluded to earlier, various roles such as that of the Enterprise Architect. Where the EA has an Information point of departure, IT analysts, business analysts and data analysts might focus on business processes and information requirements, creating...

July 10, 2008  6:12 PM

EIA Framework

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

Before exploring the Information domain of EA, here's an interesting thought: What about approaching an EA framework from an Information point of view? One could argue that EA is all about Information, and Paul Sturlis put forward the EIA Framework ("breakdown") as illustrated below. The purely...

July 8, 2008  7:31 PM

Business Architecture

Anton Venter Profile: Anton

As mentioned before, EA starts with the Business and typically EA work should start at the Business level of an EA Framework. Although generally IT people are less concerned with this layer (sadly!!), it is worthwhile making some statements about Business Architecture before we continue with other...

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