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April 24, 2008  5:04 PM

Weekly video round up – twitter you tweets

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tweets, twitter, Video

This week we take a look at twitter.... my fellow CW blogger Ian White has been analysing social media stuff this week and has posted on twitter and has set up his own

April 17, 2008  11:19 AM

Spam video – how to stop spam harming business productivity

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Email, Microsoft, podcasts, Spam, Spammers, Video

We have just released a new video about combating spam in the workplace and I'm really proud of the way we've put it together... It's a departure from our talking heads' videos and is a...

April 11, 2008  11:37 AM

Video: weekly video round-up to end the week

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BBC, iplayer, Video

This week's round-up focuses on online video.... well of course it does its a video round-up, doh! But I mean the platforms for different types of online video that was in headlines this week, such as the BBC iPlayer. The most popular streamed programme since the iPlayer launched was the first...

April 10, 2008  9:34 PM

Flickr joins in online video but not everyone likes it

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BBC, Flickr, Video

April 4, 2008  10:37 AM

Spam email – celebrate its 15th birthday with this video round-up

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Video, YouTube

spam.jpg This week is the 15th anniversary of the first ever spam email - the bane of our lives. So this humorous weekly video round-up is dedicated to...

March 27, 2008  5:17 PM

ComputerWeekly’s top YouTube Tech videos

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Bill Gates, Technology, Video, YouTube

I know its only been a short week, but it still feels as though its time for a bit of light relief. So laugh along with me while you watch these three videos, all selected from from YouTube, for being funny (well at least I thought so)... if you want more content from the lighter side of IT then...

February 27, 2008  11:36 AM

Today’s changes to

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New video slot on homepage When we

February 14, 2008  5:25 PM

Video contest: Show us your smalls!

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competition, contest, photos, pictures, Video, videos

Rebecca Froley, Deputy web editor No, not those

January 16, 2008  5:49 PM

The MacBook Air is here

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Apple, laptop, Mac, steve jobs, Video

Steve Jobs has launched the thinnest laptop in the world, but is it important? Judging by the amount of web noise its generated then yes it is. Currently it's the most searched for term in

December 12, 2007  9:36 AM

The BCS awards – see what happened on the night

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BCS,, Video

If you want to see how the night unfolded, catch a glimpse of the winners or just soak in some of the atmosphere of the IT industry's oscars then watch our video coverage of the BCS awards by clicking play on the player below.

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