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July 10, 2009  11:41 AM

Highlights of TechCrunch’s Europas

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Europas, Start up, Techcrunch

Well it was interesting night at TechCrunch's Europas in London last night.

It was good fun and as always met some really interesting and innovative people like Divinia from

April 24, 2009  11:29 AM

Where’s the money….. tech start ups might be able to go it alone

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Recession, Techcrunch

There's a financial black hole in the UK's economy that's now soooo big that it'll take us 30 years to pay it off. No longer will I listen to this Government's talk of financial prudence... she left a long while ago.

In fact I heard last night that our decline in GDP, now expected to...

April 3, 2009  7:40 AM

Google in late stage talks to buy Twitter

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Google, Microsoft, Techcrunch, twitter

TechCrunch is reporting that Google is in the late stages of negotiations to buy Twitter for well north of its $250m valuation.

Wow, it seems anything that's successful on the web is a...

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