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August 28, 2008  4:24 PM

IE8 beta 2 – first take

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Cliff Saran has had an initial look at IE8 - (its in beta, but IE8 can be downloaded now, if you want to take a look at it). If curious, take a look at

July 23, 2008  10:42 AM

Microsoft and New Labour – suffering the same downturn

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Labour, Microsoft

I enjoyed this post by the Daily Telegraph blogger Alex Singleton that Labour is like Microsoft. Do you agree that Microsoft is suffering the same reversal of fortunes as the Labour party? 

June 27, 2008  10:23 AM

If you didn’t know already Bill Gates is stepping down today

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Bill Gates, Microsoft

So Bill Gates's is spending his last day in his office today before stepping down at the head of Microsoft - lets hope he remembers to shut his Windows! I know poor a very gag.

You have to be impressed by the media interest in this story if nothing else. It was the second item on Radio...

April 18, 2008  11:56 AM

Weekly video round-up

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Technical support

The funniest video I've seen this week with an IT connection has to be this song about the woeful experience at Heathrow's Terminal Five. We've been keeping a close eye on all the lastest sdevelopments at Terminal Five and if you want to catch up then see

April 17, 2008  11:19 AM

Spam video – how to stop spam harming business productivity

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Email, Microsoft, podcasts, Spam, Spammers, Video

We have just released a new video about combating spam in the workplace and I'm really proud of the way we've put it together... It's a departure from our talking heads' videos and is a...

February 22, 2008  9:42 AM

Image of the week – Microsoft releases APIs

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Bill Gates, Microsoft, Open source

Billgates2.jpg Perhaps the open source community will now see the halo atop of Bill Gates's head following the news that Microsoft is going to make available...

February 7, 2008  3:40 PM

image of the week – well it has to be, doesn’t it – Microhoo!

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images, microhoo, Microsoft, Yahoo

microhoo.jpg Well it says it all. This image is attributed to Joe...

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February 5, 2008  6:18 PM

It’s all in the name – “Microhoo”

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Google, microhoo, Microsoft

What I love about these really hot stories is that a new name soon develops. In the case of Microsoft and Yahoo becoming part of the same family, the blogosphere has been going mad, and not surprisingly some genius concocted the unimaginative, but nevertheless logical "Microhoo". Well whatever you...

February 1, 2008  4:58 PM

Microsoft bids for Yahoo – get all the latest analysis here

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Microsoft, Windows, Yahoo

Get the latest analysis - see Cliff Saran's blog - is it the end of Windows and JP Kamath's blog post on

December 14, 2007  10:14 AM

Moofers – a new buzzword or is it a possibility

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Microsoft, moofers, moofing, personneltoday

While reading the Sunday Times at the weekend, I stumbled upon a new buzzword - Moofers or mobile out of office workers. A quick search on Google - turned up this blog post from Personnel Today's

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