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September 5, 2013  11:40 AM

Universal Credit IT: Separating the truth and the lies – you decide

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
Agile, dwp, Government IT, NAO, Project management, Universal Credit

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith - the person ultimately responsible for the delivery of Universal Credit - has been touring TV and radio stations this morning, and facing questions in the House of Commons, to try to present a positive light on the

September 4, 2013  11:32 AM

DWP prepares the ground for NAO to reveal what’s really happening in Universal Credit IT

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
dwp, Government IT, NAO, Universal Credit, Whitehall

In an unprecedented show of partial openness, the head of the troubled Universal Credit programme has gone public on some of the problems in the government's flagship welfare reform project.

This apparent change of heart over the secrecy surrounding Universal Credit is likely to have...

August 6, 2013  9:53 AM

Unhappy Universal Credit staff point to continuing IT problems

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
Agile development, dwp, GDS, Government IT, Project management, Universal Credit

So, what's really going on with the Universal Credit IT programme?

If you trust journalistic warning bells - and believe the saying that there's no smoke without fire -...

March 18, 2011  2:25 PM

The lesson of DWP/Fujitsu – ask your suppliers the difficult questions

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
Contracts, Desktop PC, dwp, Fujitsu, Government IT, Project management, purchasing, Support

Oh dear. It's one thing to win a multimillion-pound government IT contract only to later be exposed for running late and over budget - what IT supplier hasn't done that a few times? But to win a £300m deal and lose it before it has even started - surely that takes some doing.


January 31, 2011  3:02 PM

ID cards flaws – yet again government needs to learn from its mistakes

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
CIS, Database, dwp, government, Government IT, identity cards

When a major government IT project goes wrong, one of the most frequent causes is the mismatch between political necessity and technological reality. If a minister needs to hit a date to enact a new policy, "the IT isn't ready" is not considered an acceptable excuse. Shortcuts must be found,...

October 29, 2010  12:04 PM

Short-termism in IT recruitment means our next generation are shunned

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
Apprentice, dwp, Government IT, recruitment, Skills, students

Not only are we not encouraging enough young people into IT, but those who do want to work in the profession can't find a job.

The dilemma is exemplified by the experiences of

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