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March 7, 2008  3:14 PM

Mobile Computing (Image of the week)

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Mobile Computing

Originally uploaded by angermann

The iPhone isn’t quite business ready. The Blackberry has been subject to e-mail outage. And users are still crying out for decent e-mail and social networking access on their cellphones. So, for now, could this be the best answer to your moofing woes?

March 5, 2008  5:44 PM

New improved – we’ve re-released our improvements

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New video slot on homepageAt last we have resolved our technical glitches and have been able to roll back the changes we made to the site last Wednesday.

If you haven’t seen that post – Todays changes to – and are interested in what we have done then it is worth reading our explanation.

March 3, 2008  4:07 PM

Patient database access – exclusive on Computer Weekly.

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BBC, exclusive, NPfIT

Computer Weekly was mentioned on the Today programme, BBC’s flagship radio news programme this morning for Tony Collins’s exclusive story about another potential scandal with the National Programme for IT. If you choose to click on the first link to the Today programme to listen again, you’ll need to click on the 6-30-7am link to hear the interview, which was on about 6-50am.

Our story –Patient database open to access by non-qualified NHS staff – was published on Friday and was picked up over the weekend before being featured on the Today programme this morning.

It’s also now featured on the BBC’s website – GP warning over database access.

And if you want more insight into the story then it is worth visiting Tony Collin’s blog – as he has really covered every inch of the NPfIT issue.

February 28, 2008  2:46 PM

Changes to – soon!

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Seems we spoke – just a little – too soon!

We had a couple of technical hitches with the site changes we mentioned yesterday, which were causing performance problems for some visitors to, so we’ve rolled the changes back for now while we investigate and put things right.

The evolved site will be with us soon – and at least some of you have now had a sneak preview!

February 27, 2008  11:36 AM

Today’s changes to

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New video slot on homepage

When we relaunched we promised we would look to continually improve the site for our readers, putting you, the user, first. No more standing still: we’ve gone agile, enabling us to keep rolling out a series of improvements over the course of each year so that the site constantly evolves, improving your experience.

Some of these improvements will be behind the scenes stuff that may have no visual impact, but some – like today’s – will mean that if you’re used the site you’ll really notice the changes.

So today you’ll see changes to the homepage and also to the article page – both of which I hope will improve your experience of

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February 26, 2008  5:54 PM

Top five stories on last week

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Last week’s most popular stories on – if you missed them a chance to catch them again.

1. Secret Downing Street papers reveal Tony Blair rushed NHS IT

2. Microsoft pulls faulty Windows Vista update

3. Average UK broadband speed under 3mbps, report shows

4. National Consumer Council refers 17 software companies for unfair terms and conditions

5. Staffing and skills crisis the top concern for CEOs and CIOs

February 22, 2008  9:42 AM

Image of the week – Microsoft releases APIs

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Bill Gates, Microsoft, Open source


Perhaps the open source community will now see the halo atop of Bill Gates’s head following the news that Microsoft is going to make available its internal application programming interfaces for MS Office and Windows protocols.

My colleague Cliff Saran sums up the significance of this news on his FUD blog.

Also see this on – Microsoft says it will launch an open source interoperability initiative

Image credit: Matt Elder

February 20, 2008  2:11 PM

Top five stories on

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Here’s the top five stories on last week. If we missed any other stories that you wanted us to cover then let me know by email or comment on this blog.

Last week’s top five were as follows:

1. Ryanair to suspend bookings service for four days following OFT ruling on taxes

2. BAA signs outsourcing contract with LogicaCMG

3. Sony Ericsson launch extends reach of Windows Mobile

4. Web 2.0 What does it constitute?

5. Yahoo rejects Microsoft takeover bid

February 19, 2008  10:20 AM

Top tips from a top CIO

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Ralphszygenda1.jpgCliff Saran’s article and podcast interview with General Motors CIO Ralph Syzgenda is very interesting and also very useful for aspiring CIOs – take a look at his top tips below or read the interview in full on ComputerWeekly.

Or if you prefer you can download or listen to the podcast interview of Ralph Syzgenda, glodal CIO of General Motors in full.

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February 15, 2008  11:40 AM

Image of the week

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Heathrow, images, RFID

Well this week’s image of the week has to be the photos taken by Computer Weekly journalist JP Kamath while he was covering Heathrow’s RFID trial on passenger’s baggage.


More images from RFID project at Heathrow

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