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April 1, 2008  10:06 AM

Poisson d’avril! – April’s Fool’s day – who is going to catch you out?

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Today in France, so I learn from East-Ouest, kids would stick a fish in your back and say “Poisson d’avril!”. Well in the UK we generally try and play pranks on each other before midday.

So for us mad hats at ComputerWeekly it’s time for tom foolery, high jinks and ridiculous capers. Guess which story on the site today is the figament of imagination of one of our reporters?

March 31, 2008  3:00 PM

The top five most read stories on ComputerWeekly last week

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What was hot the site last week – well not suprisingly it was Heathrow and Terminal 5 dominated, what with the baggage-handling glitches for the grand opening on Thursday.

The top five most read stories on last week were

1. Baggage-handling system glitch mars Heathrows T5 opening

Additional links: BAA’s terminal 5 baggage woes

2. IT workers being bullied, says union

3. Sainsbury eyes £440m saving after bringing IT back in-house

Blog link: The cost of priavacy: Biometrics at Heathrow Termnial 5

4. BAA suspends fingerprint biometrics security system at Heathrow Terminal 5

5. Guess that kit competition round one Business on the move

March 27, 2008  5:17 PM

ComputerWeekly’s top YouTube Tech videos

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I know its only been a short week, but it still feels as though its time for a bit of light relief. So laugh along with me while you watch these three videos, all selected from from YouTube, for being funny (well at least I thought so)… if you want more content from the lighter side of IT then see our Downtime blog!

Well kicking off this week’s top three is Bill Gates praising the Mac… While it’s not fall off your chair funny, but I still like it for it’s irony… and how young is Bill Gates here and how ginormous are his glasses…… ???

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March 25, 2008  8:16 PM

Most read stories on ComputerWeekly last week

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These were the top five most read stories on ComputerWeekly last week.

1. Police build national database of mugshots to help CCTV policing

2. Hackers attempt to spread malware via Trend Micro website

3. NHS IT scheme spends £1.5bn less than expected

4. Siemens profits warning marks unsettled period for IT services

5. Half of schoolchildren use Facebook during lessons, study says

March 20, 2008  6:10 PM

Image of the week: Easter eggs

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Divine choclate easter eggs

Originally uploaded by net_efekt

Happy Easter! Well, almost. The Easter bank holiday weekend is practically upon us here at Computer Weekly, but unfortunately I’ve already eaten all the lovely little chocolate Easter eggs sent to us by Adobe. And according to this picture by net_efekt it looks like they were Divine Fairtrade chocolate eggs, so full marks to Adobe for ethical gifting! All I can definitively state at this stage, with the evidence now gone, is that they were rather tasty…

If you’re having to work hard upgrading the corporate network over the weekend while most of the staff are out relaxing with family and friends, you have our sympathy. We’ll think of you while gorging ourselves on even more chocolate eggs.

In the meantime, if you do get time for a quick coffee break, why not try to win yourself a digital camera, in our new competition, guess that kit.

We’ll be back after the holidays!

March 20, 2008  6:00 PM

Win a great Sony digital camera in Computer Weekly’s Guess That Kit competition

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Got a few minutes to spare over Easter then take part in out Guess That Kit competiton.

To enter just go to the competition’s homepage and guess what item of IT equipment is featured in the each of the images. The theme is ‘Essential kit for business on the move’, but we’ve warped and cropped them to give you a bit of a challenge, so it should be easy for all those moofers out there.

Good luck and enjoy the Easter Break.

March 14, 2008  12:12 PM

Image of the week: PSD’s Vision of the Web in 2008

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A Vision of the Web in 2008

Originally uploaded by psd

Last week we went old-skool, this week we’re looking ahead to the future, and the future is now… Paul Downey’s pictorial ‘mind-burp’ of the future of the web, starting now, should trigger some creative thinking, even if you don’t agree with everything in his vision.

Want more? Check out his image set on online collaboration and the like in “The Web is Agreement”.

March 12, 2008  11:28 AM

Today’s budget day – but what will it mean for your IT business and the IT sector?

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Alastair Darling

Originally uploaded by laspood

Today is budget day in the UK and many commentators are saying its going to be a big test for the Chancellor, Alastair Darling. and its bloggers will look to pick out the IT business news from today’s announcement that will kick off at 12 noon.

All the talk is of a “dull” budget that pushes up taxes on alcohol and gas guzzzling 4x4s, but ComputerWeekly will get the latest comment on the less eye-watering measures that could affect your business.

Philip Virgo’s When It Meets politics blog post tells us what he is looking for from Darling’s first budget to help the ICT sector – we’ll let you know later whether any of his wishes have been met.

March 11, 2008  8:09 PM

The London Marathon: a month to go and I’ll be enduring a world of pain

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It’s only a month to go and to the day iIll be running the London Marathon 2008 raising money for the YMCA. At least three months of training is now behind me, but the day itself is looming large. Having endured one three hour run already, the prospect of adding another hour and maybe at least another hour, seems a frightening prospect.

I have added my fundraising widget to this blog and if you want to sponsor me then please do – it’s a good cause and if I smash my target of £1200 and make £2000 then I will grow a moustache as well – but no rhino suit as getting round the 26.2 miles is going to be hard enough.

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March 10, 2008  5:02 PM

Civil serf: UK government to call time on employee blogs and social networking?

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Has government decided to get tough on bloggers in its midst? The disappearance of Civil Serf, a blog apparently written by a civil servant and claiming to expose the inner workings of a government department, has prompted speculation that the blog’s revelations may have triggered the creation of a new policy for government employees on blogging, use of social networking sites, and other Web 2.0 usage issues, which is due to be released “in the near future”, according to the BBC.

Balancing rights and responsibilities is never easy, so we await the government’s guidelines for civil servants with interest. In the meantime, if you’re wondering how to bridge the gap between requirements for IT security and employees’ expectations of online privileges, check out the following articles and blog entries on

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