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October, 2009

October 28, 2009  6:13 PM

Inspectagadget gets a new blogger… at last! LOL

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blogger, Blogging, gadgets, inspectagadget

For sometime my colleague Faisal Alani has borne the brunt of producing content for our successful Inspectagadget blog.

Eventually, he persuaded me that he should have...

October 26, 2009  3:13 PM

One voice or many… the twitter conundrum for brands

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social media, twitter

Two well-known brands - drinks company Innocent and online clothing retailer - have totally different approaches to their employees' using social media under their brand name. These examples were taken from the Media 140 event in London about...

October 26, 2009  2:43 PM

Using social media to market your products: the case of Red Bull

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media140, social media

First session after lunch at Media 140 is John Beasley, head of brand at Red Bull, who says social media plays a key role in the marketing of the company's products.

He says the important thing is to find...

October 26, 2009  12:59 PM

Using twitter well… some good examples of listening

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social media, twitter

One of the better presentations so far at Media 140 was Ciaran Norris's keynote "Learning to Listen", during which highlighted some of the good examples of companies that have listened well on twitter or other...

October 26, 2009  11:24 AM

What is it with twitter and ROI?

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brands, media140, social media, twitter

So far the media140 event on Everything a brand needs to know about twitter and real-time social media has been heavy on hot air and light on substance.

In some respects that's not surprising, twitter and real-time social media are still babies in the human development analogy....

October 23, 2009  8:19 AM

Keep your clothes on or take them off for chariteee – debate about the Nude London tech calendar

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There's a great debate going on about whether the women taking part in Nude London tech calendar are harming their careers, or giving them a boost, on our

October 21, 2009  11:05 AM

Windows 7 – everything you need to know

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Windows 7

Ahead of the Windows 7 launch tomorrow, we have pulled together a comprehensive guide to Windows 7 that includes the best of ComputerWeekly's content with a selection of the best content...

October 20, 2009  1:09 PM

Do you want to come to my Windows 7 launch party? No I didn’t think so

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Windows 7

Sometimes you stumble across something that is so excruciatingly painful that it deserves comment.

After yesterday's post highlighting how Microsoft would not repeat its mistakes of before and botch the release of Windows 7 like it had Vista three years ago, I came across a very good...

October 19, 2009  5:45 PM

Microsoft’s Windows 7 launches this week – will Microsoft get the launch of Windows 7 right?

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Microsoft, Windows 7

This week is massive for Microsoft. It really is a big deal that the US software giant gets its new operating system Windows 7 off to a flying start, particularly as the Vista launch three years ago was such a flop.

I don't think anyone expects Microsoft to repeat the same mistakes...

October 16, 2009  2:41 PM

Media 140 event in London looks at how brands should use real-time social media

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social media, twitter

There are a few online tools, such as twitter, YouTube and Facebook, that are by their very nature born out technology. 

That's why we cover them... they are web services that have made a fundamental difference to...

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